The Etude
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Selected Content from the June 1903 Edition of The Etude

    The Making of an Artist: A Second Talk with Mark Hambourg

    The Making of an Artist: A Second Talk with Mark Hambourg “A certain amount of nervous anxiety prior to appearing is really necessary to the securing of a good performance, but this phase of nervousness and stage-right, which is an unnecessary condition, are widely opposite. To my way of thinking, and speaking from experience, if one thoroughly knows a thing—and none should think of performing anything in public that he has not completely grown into—stage-fright is an entirely unnecessary condition.” Read More

    The Influence of Our Composers Upon Vocal Art in America.

    Art becomes national, it seems to me, only when it expresses the egotism of the race. There must be a subconscious certitude of being before there is the impulse to voice those sentiments which individualize a nation. Read More

    The Music Festival and its Influence

    It is within the power of every teacher to interest her patrons in the matter if it be properly presented. The trouble is that too many teachers recognize no duty further than an hour spent by the side of a pupil, during which time the pupil is told a few things concerning time and tune, and perhaps the position of the hand. Read More

    Musical Items

    An Italian composer, Gallignani, director of the conservatory at Milan, has written a large choral work with the Latin title, “Quare” or “Wherefore.” The titles of the sections of the work are “Humanity,” “The Stoics,” “The Epicureans,” “Skeptics and Atheists,” “Mystic Chorus,” “Song of the Sun,” and “Invocation to Supreme Love.” Read More

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