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Selected Content from the March 1913 Edition of The Etude

    The Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    ALEXANDER ALEXANDROVICH ILYINSKY.(Il-yins'-ke.) Ilyinsky was born at Tsarkoe Selo, January 24, 1859. His musical education was received in Berlin, where he first studied pianoforte under Theodore Kullak at the Conservatory and afterwards studied theory with Bargiel at the Königliche Akademie.... Read More

    The Music of the People in Russian Masterpieces — Modest Altschuler

    In thinking of Russian music as a national music we must realize at once that the music which developed in the Russian Imperial Court, while of immense value to the progress of the country, was of a totally different nature from that of the people. Read More

    A Biographical List of Russian Composers.

    Many names are included which are not to be found in Grove, or indeed in any one musical dictionary, as a variety of sources of information have been drawn upon. Read More

    Modern Masters In Russia - by Ellen von Tideböhl

    Moscow is the musical center of Russia, and teems with musical talent. It offers every facility for the study and development of musical gifts. Many of the leading Russian composers were born here, and received all their training at the Conservatoire. A group of composers of the younger generation entirely belongs to the Moscow school, and have received their training mainly at the hands of Sergei Ivanovitsh Taneiew, the great master of counterpoint, who has inspired them all with a true comprehension of their aim in art and the destiny of their talent. Read More

    Pianoforte Music by Some of the Modern Russian Composers

    “Prince! let the mad world loud praises shout,Every day as the bright down comes round,I with my toast can your proudest state flout;Here’s a health to the Kings of Sound.” W. E. STEBBING. For the last twenty-five years a strong… Read More

    Interesting Pupils’ Recital Programs

    Pupils of Mr. Adolph H. Stadermann. Sonata No. 4, F Major, Mozart; Impromptu, A Flat Major, Op. 90, No. 4, Schubert; Rondo Brillant, Op. 62, Von Weber; Concerto, D Major, Haydn; Song Without Words, No. 9, E Major, Mendelssohn;… Read More

    The Art of Pianoforte Playing in Russia - An Interview with the Distinguished Russian Pianist JOSEF LHEVINNE

    “Rag-time,” and by this I refer to the peculiar rhythm and not to the bad music that Americans have come to class under this head, has a peculiar fascination for me. There is nothing objectionable about the unique rhythm, any more than there is anything iniquitous about the gypsy melodies that have made such excellent material for Brahms, Liszt and Sarasate. Perhaps some day some American composer will glorify it in the Scherzo of a Symphony. Read More

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