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Selected Content from the March 1910 Edition of The Etude

    Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    CÉSAR AUGUSTE FRANCK. (Frahnk.) César Franck was born at Liège, Belgium, December 10, 1822, and died at Paris, November 8, 1890. He studied first in the town of his birth, but in his fifteenth year he went to Paris... Read More

    Ten Important Attributes Of Beautiful Pianoforte Playing. S.V. Rachmaninov

    Especially secured for The Etude from an interview with S. V. RACHMANINOFF, Supervisor General of the Imperial Conservatories of Russia   [Editor’s Note.—A short biography of M. Rachmaninoff appeared in the “Gallery of Celebrated Musicians” in the October issue of… Read More

    Answers to Questions

    A department of expert advice for all ETUDE readers. All letters not bearing full name and address of the sender will be destroyed. Q. What does the slur with dots under it mean ?   A. Curved lines and… Read More

    World of Music

    At Home. The Diapason, a new publication devoted to organ music and organ interests, has just commenced its career in Chicago.   New York Symphony patrons are complaining that they are hearing too much of Debussy's music.   Mr…. Read More

    Some Composers Of Valuable Pianoforte Pieces In Smaller Forms

      BY JAMES FRANCIS COOKE   (From “The Young Folks’ Standard History of Music.)   [The following is an arrangement of Lesson 36 from the work named above, which is now in course of preparation. The book as a whole,… Read More

    Some Violin Questions Answered

    M. C.—Jean Baptiste Vuillaume was the greatest of a famous family of Frence violin makers. He was born in 1798 and died in 1875. He early removed from his birthplace at  Mirecourt to Paris, where he resided mostly until his… Read More

    Carl Halir

    The world of violin playing has sustained the loss of another great violin artist by the death of Carl Halir, the German violinist, whose demise occurred recently at Berlin. Halir occupied a place in the very first rank of German violinists. He was so long associated with Joachim, as a pupil, as a member of the Joachim Quartet, and as a violin teacher in the Hochschule in Berlin, that he possessed all the traditions and ideas of his illustrious master. Read More

    Why Woman Loves Chopin

    [Editor’s Note.—The following is part of an article which appeared in the New York Sun and was written by that paper’s well-known critic, Mr. W. J. Henderson. As with all of Mr. Henderson’s work, every paragraph is interesting and suggestive… Read More

    The Friends Of Beethoven

    KATHARINE BEMIS WILSON The average student and lover of music, generally, receives from the start, an unfortunate impression of the character of Beethoven. He has been represented as an extremely rough, overbearing, uncultured man. Many stories are told of his… Read More

    Lowell Mason, American Educator And Musical Pioneer

    BY J. CUTHBERT HADDEN [Editor’s Note.—The following excellent biographical article concerning Lowell Mason, father of William Mason, the famous American pianist, teacher and author of “Touch and Technic,” appeared in a leading English publication called “Musical Opinion.” Dr. Lowell Mason’s… Read More

    Recital Programs

    Pupils of Mr. Henry Weston Smith, Alfred Hartmann Hausrath, Hahn School of Music, Elizabeth Zane Long, and others. Read More

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