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Selected Content from the July 1891 Edition of The Etude

    Professional Versus Amateur Music Teachers; or Low Tuition Fees and How to Raise Them

    BY CHAS. W. LANDON.   [An Essay delivered before the New York State Music Teachers’ Association, at Utica, July 2d, 1891.]   While teachers should be free to charge such prices for instruction as they think best, nothing but harm… Read More

    Piano-Forte Teaching

    BY J. W. ANDREWE.   The work of piano-forte teaching may be divided into two parts, to wit, the technical and the musical.   All that pertains to music, aside from the means used in its production, is considered… Read More


    "There is no music in a rest, but there is the making of music in it." In our whole life-melody the music is broken off here and there by "rests," and we foolishly think we have come to the… Read More

    An Elegant Design for a Piano Cover

    A very beautiful piano cover is made of dark blue cloth, Indian red or maroon broadcloth, worked with a border of sunflowers, which is set on a band of broadcloth inserted between narrow bands of the material used for… Read More

    Editorial Notes

    A HINT FOR POOR TIMISTS. Poor timists need to exaggarate (sic) the accents in whatever they are studying. When learning a piece, all accents and points of emphasis need to be particularly overpowered. But this does not imply piano pounding…. Read More

    Minnie Hauk’s Music Lesson

    A few days since Mme. Minnie Hauk was called upon by a young choir girl, who desired the great prima donna to give her some information about going abroad to study.   After some pleasant conversation, Mme. Hauk said… Read More

    III — Education Of Pianists.

    BY JAMES M. TRACY.   If the student is classically inclined, the easy sonatas of Clementi, Kuhlau, Haydn and Mozart furnish the best food for both fingers and brain; but if modern showy music is the aim there are… Read More

    Careless Beginners

    BY CHAS. J. ROCKWELL.   A careless teaching of the elementary principles of any science or art will cause its results to be felt throughout the entire career of the student, and the baneful effects of such a course… Read More

    Committing Music to Memory

    BY HERVE D. WILKINS.   The ability to read music mentally "to one's self," as we say in speaking of reading a book or a paper, is far more general than we suppose.   First there are the composers—they… Read More

    New Publications

    We have recently received from the author, Edmund J. Myer, f. s. Sc. (London), a work on the voice entitled "Vocal Reinforcement.'' This is a book for vocal teachers and pupils. It is very cleverly written and takes up… Read More

    Concert Programmes

    Missouri Valley College School of Music, with Biographical Sketches and Description of Pieces, by Edgar J. Place, Director. “Hommagaux Dames,” Op. 35, Fesca; “O Leave Me Not, Dear Heart,” Mattie T. ; V La Sonnambula,” Op. 27, Leybach; ” Fille… Read More

    The Tone-Softening Devices

    The "piano nuisance," as it is called, is being severely dealt with in some European cities. In one instance the authorities will not allow the outside windows of a room to be open where a piano is in use…. Read More

    The English Registration Bill for Teachers

    The English Parliament is considering a "Teacher's Registration Bill," in which English teachers and musical societies are extremely interested.   This Bill provides for the examination and licensing of teachers, much in the same manner as is done with… Read More

    Paying the Price

    BY CHAS. W. LANDON.   Savage and uncivilized peoples live only in the present. To-day they feast, to-morrow they starve. They depend on luck and chance for the means of existence, therefore they never become wealthy, they never grow… Read More

    Melody and Pedantry

    BY W. H. NEAVE.   The musical sky is so much obscured by the pompous arrogance and dicta of pedantry, and the insincere, rhapsodic vaporings of affectation, that frequent gales of common sense are needed to dispel the dense… Read More

    Expression and its Conditions

    BY EDWARD DICKINSON.   One of the most interesting questions in musical study and criticism is, What is the basis of expression? In other words, what is the essence of that quality by which one player makes a deeper… Read More

    Music as a Bread Winner for Girls

    BY LOUIS LOMBARD.   In the musical profession woman stands on a par with man. She is never underpaid simply because she is a woman. Can this be said of young women who earn a precarious living as book-keepers,… Read More

    Man Created Music

    Music is the most original of all the arts, being, more than any other, the special creation of the human mind. The sculptor and the painter can find their prototypes and models in the forms of beautiful men and… Read More

    Questions and Answers

    Ques.—1. When a pupil can play Cramer's Studies fairly well, is it advisable to begin the study of Mozart's Sonatas and the easier compositions of the other great masters ? Norfolk.   Ans.—Cramer's Studies are much more technical than… Read More

    Hints and Helps

    The office of the teacher is to encourage, inspire and enthuse the pupil in his work.—E. A. S.   The cause of musical education suffers greatly because harmony and counterpoint are not more generally studied.—   It will not… Read More

    Worthy of Comment

    TEACHING AS AN ART. The practical turn of the American mind is stirring itself to meet a demand that has long been vaguely felt, but only recently put into a working form. It has first found expression in the… Read More

    New Publications

    Root's New Course in Voice Culture and Singing: for the Female Voice. Published by Root & Sons, and the John Church Co., Chicago and Cincinnati. This work is a new departure in vocal methods. Mr. Root has made a… Read More

    Publisher’s Notes

    Music students who desire to enlarge their musical library will do well to look over our premium list, and by getting a few subscribers, they can obtain some of our books as premiums. Send for premium list.   We… Read More


    I received the "Normal Course of Piano Technic," by W. B. Wait, yesterday, and like it the best of any work of the kind I have examined. J. A. Wallace.   The copy of Heller Studies received. I am… Read More

    Piano Lessons in Early Childhood

    An article in the May Etude entitled "When to begin the study of the Pianoforte,'' advances ideas so totally opposite to my experience in sixteen years' teaching, that I would like to give a few facts on the other… Read More

    The Thumb in Scale Playing

    I noticed in last issue of The Etude rules for fingering scales, which has moved me to give you the rules used by myself in teaching scales. I have found them exceedingly easy to remember, and they have made… Read More

    About Runs

    How often do pupils complain, "I cannot play a fast run!" Groups of short values, and especially runs, mean something as a whole, in their totality; the short values have little quality, and must not be singled out by… Read More

    Rochelle Salts

    I was interested in an article published in The Etude, in regard to pianoforte cramp. I suffered from an attack of the same nature last winter, owing to excessive harp practice. The pain commenced in the hands but extended through… Read More

    Wisdom of Many

    No practice and no study, should be the rule when the mind is weary and begs for rest. Remember that nature firsts warns, then implores, then demands.—Thomas Tapper.   Inattention is the pupil's worst foe. The interest you exhibit… Read More

    Special Notices

    A STUDENT of the American Conservatory of Music, Chicago, Ill., desires position as teacher of Pianoforte for September 1st. Best references. Address, Room 420, No. 131 53d St., Chicago, Ill.   KARL BERGSTROM begs to announce that he intends… Read More

    World of Music

    HOME. The Seidl concerts, at Brighton Beach, began on June 27th.   The sixth annual examination of the American College of Musicians was held at the New York University on June 24th.   The Ovide Musin Concert Company closed a… Read More

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