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Selected Content from the November 1936 Edition of The Etude

    The Gift of Liszt to Grieg

    AT THE PEAK of his fame, a master musician, pianist and composer, Liszt loved nothing so much as discovering talent and genius in others. But though hundreds of young students had sent him their compositions, Grieg had not. Imagine… Read More

    Silent Hands - Ossip Gabrilowitsch

    The “Gabrilowitsch touch” was an indescribable something that was the envy of pianists. The hands that brought such beautiful tones into being, are now silent, but the memories of his art cannot be stilled. Read More

    More Audiences - Rafael Joseffy

    WHAT YOU WANT, young man, are more audiences. You have gone about as far as you can expect to go as a student. Of course you will never cease studying and you may always learn new things from real masters… Read More

    Gala Days with Liszt at Weimar

    By F. W. Riesberg, A.A.G.O. ONE OF THE FEW REMAINING PUPILS OF LISZT   F. W. Riesberg was born April 8, 1863 at Norwich, New York. He was graduated from the Leipzig Conservatory in 1883 and later studied with Scharwenka… Read More

    A Photo-Chart for the Piano Accordian

    A PHOTO-CHART FOR THE PIANO ACCORDION Prepared by the Famous Virtuoso of the Instrument Charles Magnante * * * * The unusual popularity of the piano accordion is so great THE ETUDE is pleased to announce that beginning in January… Read More

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