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    Rochelle Salts - July, 1891

    I was interested in an article published in The Etude, in regard to pianoforte cramp. I suffered from an attack of the same nature last winter, owing to excessive harp practice. The pain commenced in the hands but extended through... Read More

    The Thumb in Scale Playing - July, 1891

    I noticed in last issue of The Etude rules for fingering scales, which has moved me to give you the rules used by myself in teaching scales. I have found them exceedingly easy to remember, and they have made... Read More

    Piano Lessons in Early Childhood - July, 1891

    An article in the May Etude entitled "When to begin the study of the Pianoforte,'' advances ideas so totally opposite to my experience in sixteen years' teaching, that I would like to give a few facts on the other... Read More

    Testimonials - July, 1891

    I received the "Normal Course of Piano Technic," by W. B. Wait, yesterday, and like it the best of any work of the kind I have examined. J. A. Wallace.   The copy of Heller Studies received. I am... Read More

    The Teacher's Forum - August, 1891

    [Teachers are invited to send The Etude short letters on subjects of general interest to the profession, such as studio experiences, ways of working and practical ideas, but no controversial letters will be accepted.] "MERE TECHNIQUE." Many speak scornfully of... Read More

    Testimonials. - April, 1895

    The "Celebrated Pianists of the Past and Present" has been received, and I do not know how to express my appreciation. I am delighted with the work, and would not be without it.              Miss K. E. Blosser. I have received... Read More

    Letters to Teachers. - May, 1895

    BY W. S. B. MATHEWS. "I would like to ask what to do with a pupil who plays very readily and a good grade of music, and has a very sensitive ear for music, but who cannot read. She is... Read More

    The Principles Of Musical Pedagogy - July, 1898

    BY J. C. FILLMORE. LETTERS TO A YOUNG MUSIC TEACHER. LETTER VII. To W. E. S.—Thus far I have written only of the "up-arm" touch. But, as you already know, there is a "down-arm" touch which is much used by... Read More

    Letters to Pupils - July, 1898

    J.S. Van Cleve M. G. L.—You ask if it is necessary to be able to transpose music, because singers so often wish their accompaniments transposed. Yes; I consider it extremely desirable, and there are two customs which were quite universal... Read More

    Letters To Teachers - July, 1898

    Please explain the different kinds of touch for the piano.—G. E. N. The shortest answer I can give to your question would be to recommend you to buy the first volume of ''Touch and Technic" and read it carefully through.... Read More

    Testimonials - March, 1900

    Every time The Etude comes, as I remove the wrapper, I wonder if it is possible that it can be better than the last; I have never known it to fail to be. I am very grateful to you for... Read More

    Letters to Teachers - W.S.B. Matthews - March, 1900

    "1. Should the damper-pedal be used in playing the Bach inventions? "2. For the average pupil, how long a time is required to secure a rounded, firm, first joint of the fingers? I have used the Mason technics' for four... Read More

    Testimonials - December, 1901

    I have examined your "First Steps in Pianoforte-Study," and find it a work that will appeal to all up-to-date musicians as a remarkable and valuable work to teachers and pupils alike.—E. Bovard. I thank you for the careful and prompt... Read More

    Testimonials - May, 1902

    The Etude gets better all the time; in fact it is decidedly the most instructive musical journal pub­lished in this country.—R. V. Young. With regard to The Etude, I find those who read it become better pupils. It is certainly... Read More

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