The Etude
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Selected Content from the October 1899 Edition of The Etude

    Home Notes.

    After a careful investigation of the actual results obtained, the New England Conservatory of Music has arranged to establish a department of foundation technical training for the pianoforte, embracing the theories of Mr. A. K. Virgil, inventor of the practice clavier. Read More

    Oscar Raif.

    Oscar Raif. He has been regarded an interpreter. He made a thorough study of tone and touch. His clever machines and other devices for illustrating his work were the admiration of his pupils. He did not believe in too much dry technical work. He thought that one could acquire a technic far more readily through scale practice than through ├ętudes. Read More

    A Few Words On Chopin’s Works.

    No hard and fast rules can be laid down for the right playing of Chopin’s music; but one rule can be followed with great advantage, and this rule is: “Play Chopin’s compositions as you feel them.” If you do this, and if you feel them in the same way that Chopin intended you should feel them, you may rest assured that you are playing them as they should be played. Read More

    Special Notices

    A RARE CHANCE. FOR SALE-CONSERVATORY of Music, located in the Eastern part of Pennsylvania. Reason for selling, death. Consisting of a staff of ten teachers. Read More

    Musical Items

    MR. FIDELIS ZITTERBART, composer, died recently in Pittsburg, Pa. He was a musician of unusual gifts, a violin virtuoso, a most prolific composer. Scarcely any of his higher works have been published. He worked solely for the love of art, and leaves a great mass of manuscript, such as operas, symphonies, and a string quartet, which may some day be heard and ranked among the highest art creations. Read More

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