The Etude
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Selected Content from the May 1917 Edition of The Etude

    Is the Symphony Played Out?

    Is the Symphony Played Out?   By HENRY T. FINCK   The distinguished Author and Critic asks a significant question and then gives some very informative answers   It would be foolish to ask: "Are symphonies played out?" We… Read More

    The World of Music

    It is not unusual for the English bands to put upon their programs the “Hymn of Hate,” for the purpose of inducing the public to take larger subscriptions for the War Loan. Hate is always a boomerang, but this is the first in­stance we have ever heard of its musical use… The Rotary Club, of Chicago, a notable gathering of business and professional men, have agreed to stand sponsor for a brilliant child pianist, called Violet Bourne. In doing this they have virtually adopted the child and will look after her future artistic wel­fare. When she was nine years old she played the D minor Concerto with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. She is now fifteen. Read More

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