The Etude
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Selected Content from the August 1923 Edition of The Etude

    Alexander Siloti - Leaves From a Virtuoso’s Note Book

    Young pianists nowadays are fond of placing some of [Bach’s] big works on their programs. Well and good; if they play the notes with clearness and precision and give a general idea of the form of the compositions. When I see these programs I say—if the player is young—no, he has not lived, he has not the life experience to play such things. When one is twenty one cannot fathom the mysteries of Bach. Neither at thirty. At forty one begins to understand; at forty-five, yes, at forty-five, one should have arrived at years of experience—of life. But, lest these words should discourage young students and players who like to play Bach’s music, I hasten to say that I encourage them to study much and deeply into the works of this great master, for this study will bear rich fruit one day, when experience has prepared the soil and fertilized it. Read More

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