The Etude
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Selected Content from the November 1925 Edition of The Etude

    Violin Questions Answered

    By MR. ROBERT BRAINE Vibrato Trouble M. B. P.—I cannot tell exactly where your trouble lies without hearing and watching you play. I have no doubt however, that when doing the vibrato your left arm shakes the violin, causing the… Read More

    The Most Important Element in Piano Technic

    Have you ever seen a musical, nervous breakdown? The music world is full of them. They are people who have struggled with all their might and main to acquire a beautiful and noble artistic project, but who, afterwards, find themselves becoming more and more impotent with every step. Read More

    Amateur Composers

    In sketching an account of amateur composition it is not altogether easy to decide where to make a chronological beginning, or even to decide definitely what an amateur really is. It would be possible to start the list of upper-class composers with Nero, who certainly made music and who is said to have been inspired to a great burst of inspiration by the burning of Rome in A. D. 64 —a calamity he not only was believed to have originated, but which—if Suetonius and other historians are to be believed—he accompanied on the cithara. But it would scarcely be profitable to drag the ancients into this discussion. Read More

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