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Selected Content from the January 1916 Edition of The Etude

    Learning the Coloratura Style

    Though born in Texas, Mme. Yvonne de Treville may be regarded as an international singer, since she is as well known in Europe as here. She enjoyed very excellent training as a coloratura soprano, and has appeared in opera at the Opera Comique, Paris; Opéra Imperial, Petrograd; Théatre de la Monnaie, Brussels, and at the Imperial Opera in Vienna. Read More

    A Lesson from the Life of Jenny Lind

    The life of Jenny Lind (1820-1887) is, without doubt, the most useful model to be held up to the young student of singing, for although hers, with the exception of Malibran’s, was the shortest operatic career of any great prima-donna,… Read More

    What Gives Sweetness to the Voice?

    The teacher who properly criticizes both and is able thus to prevent the loss of sweetness in the voice by forcing or pushing, is the best guide to beautiful tone-production. A teacher, no matter how capable, can only be the guide and pilot and without intelligent, hard work one cannot attain the goal of high ideals and faith born of technical mastery. Read More

    Why Singing Is an Excellent Exercise

    Even in church, with almost everybody snoozing away under the droning stupidity of an over-worked sermon, the songs of the choir awakens the congregation to new life and energy. In churches where all may join in the singing, there is enough exercise to interest even the fat, the over-fed, and those who forget to do gymnastics all the rest of the week. Read More

    An Important Suggestion to the Student of Singing

    There is a time between the well-practiced task of tone-work, solpeggio-study (sic) and song-preparation, and its rendition at lesson to the singing-master that should be well considered by the pupil. It is the time that is spent immediately before the… Read More

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