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Selected Content from the December 1904 Edition of The Etude

    The St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music

    A. Lwoff, an amateur violinist and conductor of the Imperial Choir, also the author of the Russian national anthem, made some strenuous and praiseworthy efforts in this direction, but failed. He asked for financial support from the crown (which is distinct from the emperor), but he had to deal with ministers of state and other high officials, who ridiculed his “visionary” project out of existence. Read More

    Home Notes.

    Mr. Walter De Prefontaine, organist of the First Presbyterian Church, Norristown, Pa., arranged a series of four musical services for October 30th, November 27th, January 29th, and February 26th. They will include works by American, English, German, and French composers. Read More

    Recital Programs.

    Pupils of Miss A. L. Pratt, Minta Peters, Jasper H. Coffey, Eva Matilda Giese, and others. Read More

    Musical Items

    TOLSTOI’S latest pronouncement is against folk song, which he thinks is undeserving the attention recently turned toward it. “A folk song,” he says, “is exactly the same thing as a bottle of brandy or a pipe of tobacco, an empty pastime, a commonplace entertainment, which moreover incites men to evil deeds, to squabbles, etc.” As America has no folk song of its own, perhaps that may be the reason it is better off than Russia, which has so great a store. Read More

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