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Selected Content from the February 1915 Edition of The Etude

    Chopin’s Last Tragic Moments

    While the general facts regarding the death of Chopin are well known and thor­oughly authenticated, accounts do not all agree as to the details—even when these accounts have been given by those present. Lawyers know how untrustworthy are the… Read More

    Concise Biographical Dictionary of Noted Musicians Born in Poland

    While this List Does Not Pretend to be Complete it is Certainly the Most Comprehensive in the English Language.   Henry and Joseph Wieniawski.   Adamowska, see Szumowska-Adamowska. Adamowski, Joseph. Born Warsaw, Poland, 1862. Noted ‘cellist. Pupil of Slavenhagen and… Read More

    “Zal” the word that expresses the soul of Poland.

    Every language contains untranslatable words—more than that, every nationality has them. An Englishman cannot possibly make clear to Americans that peculiar product of his own peculiar civilization to which he refers when he speaks of a "bounder." Neither can… Read More

    The Music of Proud and Chivalrous Poland

    THE BEAUTY OF POLAND’S NATIONAL MUSIC. BY MME. MARCELLA SEMBRICH The Renowned Prima Donna.   [The Etude invited Mme. Sembrich to contribute to this issue, because of all the Polish singers who have come to America none has a… Read More

    Breadth in Musical Art Work - Ignace Jan Paderewski

    The call for breadth in musical art has been insistent since the earliest days of its history. Yet one can not help being conscious of the fact that the public in general is inclined to look upon all art workers as idealists confined to a narrow road very much apart from the broad pathway of life itself. Read More

    Tragic Poland and its Musical Glory

    The centuries old morning hymns, the quaint Hajnalys, chanted from the towers of old Cracow, waken the people to a new day in the pathetic history of one of the most wonderful countries of the world. Within her borders… Read More

    Mr. Stojowski’s Analytical Lesson on the Impromptu in A Flat

    By SIGISMUND STOJOWSKI   Sigismund Stojowski's edition of Chopin' first Impromptu (the edition to which this article refers) can be downloaded as a PDF document. Click here for the download.   Here is a lovely and lovable instance of… Read More

    Chopin and the Music of Poland

    By SIGISMUND STOJOWSKI     CHOPIN'S QUALITY. Chopin! these two syllables breathe a magic spell. Whoever has laid his hands on a piano, nay, whoever has listened to a piano, whether it be in a concert hall or in… Read More

    The Real Paderewski

    Excepting only Frédèric Chopin, no character in musical history has been so prominently iden­tified with Poland as Ignace Jan Paderewski. Considered from a popular standpoint, Chopin never attained that wide celebrity which attaches to the great Polish virtuoso of the present day, whose fame has reached millions who may never hear him play, but are as familiar with his name as that of the greatest statesman of the day. Read More

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