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Selected Content from the June 1910 Edition of The Etude

    The Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    SIGISMUND THALBERG. (Tahl'-bairg.) Thalberg was born at Geneva, January 7, 1812, and died at Naples, April 27, 1871. He was nominally the pupil of Hummel and Sechter, of Vienna, in pianoforte playing, though he was wont to declare that he... Read More

    The Message of a Great Master

    The musical world is stopping for a little while to pay its homage to Robert Schumann. It seems odd to think that had Robert Schumann lived to the age of one hundred years he would have heard musical works… Read More

    The Triumph of Robert Schumann

     By EDVARD GRIEG   (Published by Special Permission of The Century Company)   [Editor’s Note.—The following excellent article is selected from a critical, discussion of the work of Robert Schumann by the great Norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg. It is taken… Read More

    The Song Masterpieces of Robert Schumann

    Mme. Johanna Gadski   [Editor’s Note :—Mme. Johanna Gadski, one of the foremost Wagnerian Sopranos of our day and also one of the most successful interpreters of the “Art Songs” of Schumann, Schubert, Franz, Brahms and other masters, has given… Read More

    The Influence of Heredity and Youthful Training Upon Schumann’s Career

    by CLARENCE G. HAMILTON   For the sources of a man's greatness we must look to his early surroundings. Parental tendencies and tradition, natural environments, youthful friendships, all have their influence upon budding genius, and tinge the full flower… Read More

    Schumann the Romanticist

    By EDWARD BAXTER PERRY   Together with the author’s personal recollections of his lessons with Clara Schumann   In considering Schumann as the ablest and most fearless champion of the modern romantic school of composition we must take into account… Read More

    World of Music

    At Home. Sousa's Band was the first to make a tour of the world.   It is said that Caruso has extended his engagement with the Metropolitan company for four years.   The famous "Henry Wolfsohn" bureau has now… Read More

    Schumann’s Fateful Accident

    By FRANCIS LINCOLN   The accident which changed Schumann's career from that of the virtuoso pianist to that of the composer has been frequently related, but its real part in the career of one of the greatest of masters… Read More

    Most Beautiful Romance in Musical History

    By HENRY T. FINCK   [Editor's Note.—The remarkable love of Robert Schumann for his talented and faithful wife is one of the very brightest spots in the story of musical art. Mr. Finck is peculiarly adapted to write upon… Read More

    Recital Programs

    Music That Progressive Teachers Have Found Desirable Pupils of Miss F. Marion Ralston.Ave Maria (8 hds.), Gounod; Kuss Waltz (8 hds.), Strauss; Impromptu Op. 142, Schubert; Valse de Concert, Wieniawski; Concerto in D Major, Haydn; Perpetual Motion, Von Weber; Nocturne,… Read More

    Chronological View of Schumann’s Life.

    1810. Born at Zwickau, Saxony, June 10th.1817. Wrote his first musical composition.1816. Studied piano with Kuntzsch, organist of the Marienkirche in Zwickau.1821. Wrote choral and orchestral works (in his eleventh year), although he had had no instruction in musical composition.1820-28…. Read More

    A Dream Letter From Robert Schumann

    BY ALETHEA B. CRAWFORD COX AND ALICE CHAPIN. [Editor's Note.—Some years ago Mrs. Cox completed a book entitled "Letters from Great Musicians" and the success of this book inspired her to write a second series of letters, in collaboration… Read More

    Some Famous Conservatories

    The name conservatory is derived from the Latin word,conservare, which means "to preserve," and was used to denote the idea of preserving music from corruption. The idea of a school of music for this purpose emanated from Italy, the… Read More

    The Etude Educational Cartoons

    Picture Object Lessons that show at a glance why some teachers and why some pupils fail to succeed. THE PUPIL WHO KNOWS IT ALL. Just why this particular young lady takes lessons no one is quite able to tell…. Read More

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