The Etude
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Selected Content from the March 1905 Edition of The Etude

    Home Notes

    An address was delivered before the National Society of Musical Therapeutics, February 2d, by Prof. C. H. A. Bjerregaard, on “The Metaphysics of Music.” Previous lectures were “The Aim and Scope of the National Society of Musical Therapeutics,” by Miss Eva Augusta Vescelius; “Music as a Medicine,” by Francis S. Kennedy, M. D. March 2d, Dr. Alfred W. Herzog will give a lecture on “The Value of Mechanical Musical Treatment and Suggestions Through Music,” illustrated by vocal and instrumental music; April 6th, Rev. Dr. John Harrington Edwards, author of the recent work, “God and Music,” will deliver an illustrated lecture on “Musical Altruism.” Read More

    Musical Items

    According to a German exchange, Richard Strauss’ “Sinfonia Domestica” has a predecessor. In the program of a concert given at Jena, in 1845, is listed a composition by a French composer, Chelard, entitled “The First Harmonies of Life,” fantasy for orchestra. The program of the work is: Birth, Baptism, Cradle Song, Nurse’s Song, The Mother, The Child, The Child’s Play, The First Instruction, Childhood’s Years, Choral. Read More

    Questions & Answers

    Only an expert can judge a piano by an inspection of its interior mechanism. A great many factors enter into this matter, each maker having his own peculiar plans and specifications. The most important features are the structure and placing of the sounding-board and the scale, the method of stringing, the action. Read More

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