The Etude
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Selected Content from the January 1914 Edition of The Etude

    An Odd Musical Custom In Remotest Russia

    BY EUGENIE LINEFF. [EDITOR's NOTE.—Some years ago Mme. Eugenie Lineff toured America with a company of Russian peasant singers, affording American music lovers one of the most unique experiences we have ever had. In the following, which is a… Read More

    Impressionism in Music

    MUSICAL THOUGHT AND ACTION ABROAD. BY ARTHUR ELSON   IMPRESSIONISM IN MUSIC.   IN Die Musik Walter Niemann has written on the impressionism of Debussy and his contemporaries, while in the same number Hans Pfeilschmidt treated the subject of… Read More

    Emil Sauer - Progress in Music Study

    From an Interview Secured Expressly for THE ETUDE by G. Mark Wilson with the Famous Teacher and Virtuoso EMIL SAUER   [EDITOR’s NOTE—Few pianists of our time have been so fortunate in pleasing both professional musicians and amateurs as… Read More

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