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Selected Content from the October 1910 Edition of The Etude

    Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    REGINALD DE KOVEN. Mr. de Koven was born at Middletown, Conn., April 3, 1859. His education was received mainly in Europe, whither he went in 1870. He graduated at Oxford University, England (St. John's College), in 1879. His musical... Read More

    The World of Music

    All the necessary news of the musical world told concisely, pointedly and justly   At Home. Albert Spaulding, the young American violinist, succeeded his European successes with a pronounced triumph at his concert at Ocean Grove.   Mr. Alvah… Read More

    Some Great Virtuosos of the Present Day

    These missionaries of the music of the present are often ignored in the pages of musical history, but their importance is really very great, for the musical history of to-morrow depends considerably upon the interpreters of to-day. Several of the forty story lessons from the Standard History of Music have been published in previous issues, and the following article refers to them. Read More

    Useful Recital Music

    Pupils of Miss Jennie M. Oakley. Springtime, Streabbog; On a Visit, Spaulding; Pink Pearls Waltz, Spaulding; Golden Stars Waltz (4 hds.), Streabbog; On the Lawn, Read; En Route March (4 hds.), Engelmann; Star of the Sea, Kennedy; La Fleur des… Read More

    The Leschetizky Method.

    THE TEACHERS' ROUND TABLE   CONDUCTED BY N.J. COREY   Will you kindly make it clear to some of the readers of The Etude what the Leschetizky method is, and how it differs from others? I am using the… Read More

    Forgotten Rivals of Great Composers

    When we come to the day of the tempestuous Beethoven, and those years of significant and colossal work in his art, we see him with no opportunity for even a hearing of his efforts, while the Viennese flocked to the operas of the versatile Italian, Rossini. In his indignation, Beethoven would send no more new compositions to the managers of Vienna. Read More

    A Trip to the Shrine of Beethoven, Part III, by Richard Wagner

      By RICHARD WAGNER A Fictitious Journey indicating astonishing imagination of the Great Musician-Dramatist   PART III.   [This remarkable article, which is reprinted by special request, was commenced in The Etude for August. The previous parts have principally… Read More

    Views of a Royal Academy Professor.

    Rowsby Woof, professor in the Royal Academy of Music, in London, has been giving some interesting views on violin teaching and playing to the London Strad. Professor Woof is a great believer in the periodical examinations for music pupils,… Read More

    Thought And Action In Musical Europe

    BY ARTHUR ELSON   In the magazine of the International Musical Society is an abstract of a lecture on Irish Folk-Music by Alfred Percival Graves. He dwelt upon the honor in which music was held in the early days, when… Read More

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