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Selected Content from the July 1912 Edition of The Etude

    The Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    SIR JOSEPH BARNBY. Barnby was born at York, August 12, 1838, and died at London, January 28, 1896. As a boy he sang in the choir of York Cathedral, and was an organist and choirmaster at the age of twelve.... Read More

    The World of Music.

    The hero of the Richmond Festival seems to have been a young American composer and pianist, John Powell. Efrem Zimbalist, Alma Gluck, Louise Homer, Riccardo Martin, Carl Jorn, Clarence Whitehill and Henri Scott were engaged to appear… The annual meeting of the Oliver Ditson Society for the relief of needy musicians was recently held in Boston. An unusual number of cases of destitution have been assisted during the past year… Saint-SaĆ«ns has declared that he will write no more music for the theater… Glazounow, the great Russian composer, is writing a symphony on the Titanic disaster. It will be entitled “A Song of Death.” Read More

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