The Etude
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Selected Content from the October 1913 Edition of The Etude

    Questions and Answers

    Q. How can one best judge of the musical abilities of a child ?—R. N. B. A. Watch the effect of melody upon it. See what tunes it is responsive to and whether they are the best. Even an… Read More

    The Road to Success

    (Click the image for a larger version)… Read More

    Truths for Singing Teachers and Students

    By the most renowned teacher of Singing of the Past Century MME. MATHILDE MARCHESI Prepared in co-operation with her daughter Mme. Blanche Marchesi   [The name of Marchesi is so well known in the musical world that it seems… Read More

    The Real Haydn - The Etude Master Study Page

    HADYN’S (sic) EPOCH. Change comes slowly to the pleasant little country villages of Europe. Many, indeed, stand to-day very much as they stood nearly two hundred years ago. As we observe their rustic simplicity we can imagine how much more… Read More

    World of Music

    Among the many troubles that beset the operatic prima donna, one of the most annoying is the unwelcome distinction conferred upon her by the use of her name on all manner of soaps, dental washes, and other toilet requisites. Melba has suffered from this to such an extent that she has been obliged to take steps to prevent it. Not long ago she went into a drug-store, where “Melba Perfume” filled the window. She tried it, and found that it was so bad that she remonstrated with the proprietor. “How dare you attach my name to such stuff?” she demanded. “I’ve as much right to it as you have, answered the druggist, cooly, “for your real name is Mrs. Armstrong.” So the great soprano has lost no time in having her name patented so as to control its future use. Read More

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