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Selected Content from the May 1921 Edition of The Etude

    Ignaz Friedman - What is the Most Difficult Thing in Piano Playing?

    “Many pianists never develop their rhythmic side so that they are able to play more than a very few pieces with the proper effect. Rhythm is the life of music, color is its flesh and blood. Without either all interpretative art is dead.” Read More

    Dvořák as I Knew Him

    By John Spencer Camp   [Editorial Note.—Mr. Camp is a well-known composer, pupil of the great Czechoslovak Master.]   My relation to the famous composer, Antonin Dvořák, was that of a pupil in composition and orchestration. I had studied… Read More

    Twelve Foundation Stones for Your Record Collection

    By Smith C. McGregor   "Unbalanced" record collections are a common failing among phonograph owners. You probably know several people who have expensive phonographs and plenty of records, but who do not seem to get full enjoyment from them…. Read More

    World of Music

    Sousa and His Band during the coming season will realize their long-planned "friendly invasion" of Mexico. President Obregon has long been a warm admirer of "The March King," and doubtless will give him a cordial welcome. After touring Mexico… Read More

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