The Etude
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Selected Content from the February 1923 Edition of The Etude

    The World of Music

    The Metropolitan Opera Company management are standing firm against the pressure of the radio interests for broadcasting the musical features of their performances. The Chicago Civic Opera Company has yielded; but, as it is more or less of a traveling organization, broadcasting may act as a means of publicity. As the artistic value of broadcasting seems to be in question, there is doubt as to the surrender of the Metropolitan. Read More

    Mischa Levitzki - Getting a Start as a Virtuoso

    A debut is a very expensive thing. A failure debut is still more expensive. The managerial cost, the advertising, necessary in these days, the excitement of the event, all concentrate much in the life of a young person. Why is it then that there are so many ill-timed debuts? Better none at all than one given by an unripe talent. Read More

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