The Etude
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Selected Content from the December 1918 Edition of The Etude

    Has the Art of the Piano Reached Its Zenith or Is It Capable of Further Development?

    The Etude has secured a series of articles and statements from illustrious men and women, including General Pershing, General Hugh Scott, Lyman Abbott, Henry C. Van Dyke, Samuel Gompers, John Philip Sousa, Ida M. Tarbell, Dr. Anna Shaw, Thomas Edison and others, emphasizing the special need for music in war time. It is most important that the interest in our art be actively maintained by its leading workers at this time. Read More

    Department for Violinists

    Edited by ROBERT BRAINE   "If All Would Play First Violin We Could Get No Orchestra Together."—R. SCHUMANN   "Cheap Violins" Why will people buy cheap, worthless violins to "learn on"? It seems to be owing to some queer… Read More

    The Spirit of France in Organ Study

    The three visits of Alexandre Guilmant to this country did much for the advancement of organ music. The present tourneƩ of Joseph Bonnet is demonstrating above all, that the American people like the best in music, and are interested in what has been written for the instrument much more than what has been transcribed for it. Mr. Bonnet proves that there is ample in the repertoire for the organ for all purposes including church and recital use, and right he is. Read More

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