The Etude
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Selected Content from the October 1916 Edition of The Etude

    Gallery of Musical Instruments

    The Violin The string instruments, first and second violins, violas, 'cellos and double-basses, form the main body of the symphony orchestra. They can play sustained or detached tones at all speeds; their compass from the lowest tone of the... Read More

    Getting Results Through Right Practice

    No child ought to be left to practice by himself; someone should always sit with him and see that he gives each note its full value. To attain this object it is excellent to make the little one count out aloud while playing. The pedal should never be permitted, and each hand ought to be practiced separately. Read More

    Common Sense in Pianoforte Touch and Technic

    To say that Common Sense is the most uncommon sense that we possess, is to repeat, not only what numerous writers have expressed in language of varying intensity, but to echo the thoughts of every one of us who work out art problems of any kind. Read More

    World of Music

    At Home Ysaye will tour America in 1917.   Titto Ruffo will sing with the Chicago Opera Company next winter.   Henry L. Mason has been elected president of the Boston Choral Union.   Robert Grau, brother of Maurice… Read More

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