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Selected Content from the September 1909 Edition of The Etude

    The Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    ETHELBERT NEVIN.  Nevin was born at Vineacre, Edgworth, Pa., November 25, 1862, and died at New Haven, Conn., February 17, 1901. Quite early in life he showed signs of great musical talent, and his father saw to it that he... Read More

    Recital Programs

    Music That Progressive Teachers Have Found Desirable Pupils of Miss Edith W. Page.Andante, from “Surprise Symphony,” Haydn-Saint-Säens; March, from 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody (4 hds.), Liszt; The Brooklet, Ryder; Lightly Row (4 hds.), Landon; March of the Little Sages, Mathews; Jingle… Read More

    Special Notices

    These records so far excel all previous efforts that some think they set a new standard. Thus those who might otherwise never hear Miss Powell, by securing these records can reproduce on the Victor machine her interpretation of the finale to the “E Minor Concerto” of Mendelssohn, the “Meditation Religieuse” from “Thais,” by Massenet, etc. For the violin teacher, it is like inviting the great artist to become a permanent visitor to the studio. Read More

    Lenox Chocolates, First Aid to the Hostess

    Read More

    The World of Music

    At Home.  Caruso has been engaged for the Metropolitan opera for another five years. Mme. Liza Lehmann, the gifted English pianist-composer, will visit America this season. The growth of musical education in America may be gauged by the fact that… Read More

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