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Selected Content from the April 1911 Edition of The Etude

    The Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    PAUL FELIX WEINGARTNER.(Vine-gart-ner.) Weingartner was born June 2, 1863, at Zara in Dalmatia, Austria. He studied composition at Gratz under Remy, but gave up his musical work in 1881 to enter the University of Leipsic, where he studied philosophy. He... Read More

    The World of Music

    EFFORTS are being made in England to make life in the prisons more bearable for the prisoners. We have recently come across an interesting account of a performance given by a well-known English choral society of Handel’s Messiah at Wormwood Scrubs—the Sing Sing of London. The performance was an excellent one, and, it is said, made a great impression upon the unfortunate inmates of the gaol. It is a comforting sign of modern civilization that people are beginning to realize that the fact of a man having committed a crime does not necessarily mean that he is impervious to all refining influence. And what more benign influence could exist than music well rendered? Read More

    The Music of the Fatherland

    Das Deutsche Lied ist unser Hort,Und unser Sprach. Ein Mann, ein Wort. This peculiarly idiomatic and untranslatable German verse embodies the very essence of all that our German brothers hold highest. The nearest we can approach to it in English… Read More

    The Spare Time Bank

    One of the large correspondence schools has gotten out an advertisement, with a cover in facsimile of a bank book. On the cover is printed: “THE SPARE TIME SAVINGS BANK IN ACCOUNT WITH AMBITIOUS AMERICANS.” The idea is, of course,… Read More

    Planning for the Summer

    This Etude, coming to you on the door-step of Spring, finds both the teacher and the pupil in the most interesting part of the season. While we all welcome vacations, it seems unfortunate that this interest is not carried throughout… Read More

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