The Etude
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Selected Content from the April 1924 Edition of The Etude


    The city of Philadelphia has at present, in General Smedley D. Butler, “The Fighting Quaker,” a chief of police who attracted national attention in a day. All honor to him and to his drastic methods of rooting out crime. But, at the best, General Butler and all like him correspond to “swatters” in a campaign to get rid of flies. He can capture a few criminals and imprison them, but in order to clean out the breeding places of crime, we must begin with the education of the mind of the little child. Read More

    Special Notices and Announcements

    WHY NOT LET US PLAY FOR YOU? Roy Johnson’s Colored Orchestra. Phone Spruce 10386 or write 413 S. 19th Street, Phila., Pa. Read More

    Mrs. H. H. A. Beach Sets an Example

    If Mrs. H. H. A. Beach, the most distinguished woman in American music and also one of the busiest, can take time to foster a musical club, should not others follow her example and fine initiative? Read More

    Question and Answer Department - Conducted by Arthur de Guichard

    Who was Saint Cecilia? Why is she considered as the Saint-Patroness of music? When did she live? Any particulars about her will be welcomed.—Cora W., Boston, Mass. Read More

    Moritz Rosenthal - If Franz Liszt Should Come Back Again

    Liszt would also be filled with the keenest pleasure by witnessing another advance in piano playing. I refer to the general adoption of the syncopated pedal, that is, putting down the damper pedal after the note is struck rather than when it is struck. Only in this way can a beautiful cantilena be preserved in melodic passages. Liszt knew of this. However, it was not widely used until the last twenty years. It has made a vast difference in the beauty of piano playing generally; and I consider it the most distinctive differences between the piano playing of forty years ago and of to-day. Read More

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