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Selected Content from the September 1920 Edition of The Etude

    Musical Notation, New and Old

    The reason why new notations cannot be introduced is simply that there is a capital interest in the old notation represented by millions and millions of dollars spent by the publishers in existing publications and in musical plates. One can hardly expect the publishers to “junk” this valuable property for the sake of a few changes. Read More

    Music Composition as a Field for Women - Mrs. Carrie Jacobs-Bond

    Years passed like a panorama. Many beautiful and many terrible things happened. After the death of my husband, Dr. Frank Lewis Bond, at Iron River, I moved to Chicago with my son, ready to do anything to earn a living. At the time of my husband’s death I had a lovely home, but with his passing everything changed and I found myself, as more than one doctor’s wife has found herself, with very little. Read More

    Ultra-Modern Music Explained

    In what does this evolution—almost a revolution—consist? What is C. Debussy’s contribution to modern music? These are the points we shall endeavor to explain, by analyzing the principles of contemporary music. We shall try to set forth the genesis of this art, its texture, the causes leading to its formation, at the same time showing very impartially the advantages and disadvantages of this evolution. Read More

    The World of Music

    Paderewski, in a late London interview, said, “I am through with music. I shall never play again.” … Vincent d’Indy’s opera, “La Legende de Sante Christophe,” of which he wrote both the words and music, has been produced in Paris, and was hailed as an important event in French operatic history… Alexander Porter Browne, the Boston lawyer who first gave status to international copyright, is dead. Read More

    Editorial Notes

    It is a matter of comment at the present time that musicians seem to make no provision for their families in case of the sudden death of the husband and father. The recent sudden death of Prof. H. C. Banister, in England, is a case in point. His widow was left entirely unprovided for, and yet Prof. Banister had a good clientele. Other examples could be quoted, and no doubt many of our readers know of similar cases. Read More

    The Woman’s Club a Factor in General Music Culture.

    The Woman’s Musical Club is too old a feature of civilization to be termed exclusively a fad. That there are clubs actuated only by a desire to follow in the lead of fashion, and this based entirely on a superficial desire to be considered cultured, is beyond doubt. But the Woman’s Club, even in this imperfect state, is a mighty power for good. Read More

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