The Etude
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Selected Content from the March 1903 Edition of The Etude

    Questions and Answers

    V. W. M.—1. The Virgil Practice Clavier is recognized by many teachers, both private and those connected with conservatories, as a valuable adjunct in laying a solid foundation in piano-technic, and is used for that purpose, even if a… Read More

    Musical Items

    The Wagner heirs received in 1902, $115,000 in royalties from his operas exclusive of the Bayreuth profits. “Lohengrin,” the most popular, returned $68,000. It was given in the United States 312 times, for which about $20,000 was paid in royalties. Read More

    Special Notices

    WANTED—AN INDUSTRIOUS, INTELLIGENT YOUNG woman, preferably between twenty and twenty-five years of age, to receive, free of charge, board, lessons in advanced piano-playing, and thorough training in principles of correct teaching in a prominent conservatory of music, in return for… Read More

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