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Selected Content from the January 1905 Edition of The Etude

    Chopin the Teacher

    BY MARY VENABLE.   MANY of the world’s greatest men have given their time, wholly or in part, to the cause of education. The names of those who made it their lifework are well known; but less thought is… Read More

    Chopin the Man

    By W. J. HENDERSON   CHOPIN was a mystery to his contemporaries, a phantom to his successors. It is perhaps true that no one ever quite understood him except Aurora Dudevant, the towering George Sand of French literature, who… Read More

    Chopin the Poet of the Piano-Forte

    BY EDWARD BAXTER PERRY.   EDGAR ALLAN POE, writing of Tennyson, says: “No poet is so little of the earth, earthy”; and declares he would be willing to rate anyone’s poetic instinct and perceptions by the impression made upon… Read More

    Quality of Chopin’s Genius

    BY H. A. CLARKE, MUS. DOC.   If it be one of the surest tests of genius that its possessor has many imitators but no successors, then must Chopin be in the foremost rank of the favored few,—not very… Read More

    Making Up a Chopin Program

    By EMIL LIEBLING THE proper making of any concert program is a matter of considerable difficulty, and involves much thought. Many vital factors are to be considered; the prospective audience and its probable characteristics, the locality of the musical… Read More

    Old Fogy’s Comments

    Dussek Villa on the Wissahickon, December 25, 1904.   DEAR MR. EDITOR: Your letter about the Chopin number of THE ETUDE—The only musical publication I care to read in these days of musical gas, charlatanism and chicanery—caught me in… Read More

    Chopin the Revolutionaire

    BY CONSTANTIN VON STERNBERG.   WHEN we contemplate a portrait of Chopin, when the remembrance of his fascinating melodies renews to us the life of these delicate, finely cut features of his face, from which it is so easy to… Read More

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