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Selected Content from the January 1900 Edition of The Etude

    Moritz Moszkowski.

    Moszkowski has had among his pupils many Americans. His Berlin studio has been described by one of the latter as having contained “little furniture, a desk, chair, and music cabinet, with busts and pictures everywhere, well-known faces of Liszt, Von B├╝low, and the fathers of classic music—Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. Read More

    Schumann’s Early Loves.

    It would be unfair to inquire minutely into the inevitable boyish passions of the young Schumann, were it not that his uncommon candor in describing them to his friends, the fullness of his confidences, and the rapid shifting of the objects of his devotion give amusing glimpses into the cloud-land of romance in which his youth was spent. Read More

    Home Notes.

    The sixth conversational lecture-recital of the regular Thursday evening series was given at the Clavier Company’s Piano School on November 23d. The lecture was one of the most interesting of the series, and very valuable to teachers and students of… Read More

    Musical Items

    Gablonz, Bohemia, is about to erect a statue to Schubert. Berlioz’ “Damnation of Faust” was played in Stuttgart for the first time last month. Berlioz’ “Prise de Troie” has lately been given (November 16th) as a novelty in Paris. Humperdinck’s… Read More

    Schumann: A Vanishing Star.

    There was a time, mes enfants, when I played at all the Schumann piano music. The ” Abegg ” variations, the “Papillons,” the “Intermezzi “—“an extension of the ‘Papillons,’” said Schumann—“Die Davidsb├╝ndler,” that wonderful toccata in C, the best double-note study in existence,—because it is music first, technics afterward,—the seldom attempted “Allegro,” opus 8, the “Carnaval,” tender and dazzling miniatures, the twelve settings of Paganini, much more musical than Liszt’s, the “Impromptus,” a delicate compliment to his Clara. Read More

    American Versus European Pipe Organs

    EDITED BY EVERETT E. TRUETTE.    Mr. Clarence Eddy, in an interview with a representative of "Music," has expressed his convictions, in comparing American and European organs, in a clear and convincing manner. As his extended experience of the… Read More

    Five-Minute Talks To Girls

    Individuality is indeed such a rare thing, you know. One has to sift one’s self through such a heap of readymade thought before one is able to squeeze out even one little drop of individuality, and even then it is questionable if this drop be not a composite of other men’s wisdom, and have only the color of originality from having passed through such a wondrous variety of knowledge and experience as to bear no noticeable resemblance of any one influence. Read More

    Special Notices

    Notices for this column inserted at 3 cents a word for one insertion, payable in advance. Copy must be received by the 20th of the previous month to insure publication in the next number.   AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS'… Read More

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