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Selected Content from the May 1909 Edition of The Etude

    Etude Gallery of Musical Celebrities

    EDUARD SCHUTT (Schueet) Schütt was born in St. Petersburg, October 22, 1856. Quite early in life he came under the influence of Anton Rubinstein, with whom he was on terms of personal friendship. It was through the influence of the... Read More

    Garcia the Great

    The Story of the Teacher of Jenny Lind   An Account of the Most Remarkable Career in the History of Musical Education—How One Man Lived to See a Century of Musical Advance in Which it Was His Privilege to Take… Read More

    Leschetizky on Piano Playing

    From an Interview by E. Hughes II.     BEETHOVEN AND CZERNY. Knowing that Leschetizky had studied all the Beethoven concertos and most of the sonatas during the time when he was a pupil of Czerny, and that Czerny had… Read More

    The World of Music.

    The death is recorded of Mr. E. Silas. He was born in Amsterdam, 1817, trained in Paris, and later went to England. He was regarded as a coming force by musicians of his day. His compositions were full of graceful fancy, but he never came to anything. His later years were mainly spent in the British Museum, London, where he was a familiar figure in the reading room. He always appeared very busy with piles of books around him, but there was never any outcome of his learning. Such figures are not uncommon, and many grey-haired human derelicts foregather in this wonderful storehouse of knowledge, and end their days in peaceful—and often quite useless—research. Read More

    Enthusiasm And Music Students

    In the vernacular poems of this country we find a wealth of optimism. These poems represent the spirit of American success. They teem with enthusiasm, wholesome good judgment and optimism. The verses of Will Carleton, James Whitcomb Riley, Eugene Field, Edmund Vance Cooke and Bret Harte come a great deal nearer to the hearts of most Americans than do the verses of Whitman, Poe and Emerson. Read More

    Your Opportunity To Succeed

    Have you ever thought of your wonderful opportunities? Don’t say that you haven’t any, for you have. No matter how or where you are, you always have the opportunity to do your best, and that is the greatest opportunity in the world. That was Lincoln’s opportunity, Read More

    Is Instruction Really Necessary?

    …musical instruction is necessary unless you are obliged to take the chance of failure that those who depend entirely upon their own efforts always assume. Much can be accomplished without a teacher provided you are on the right track. Read More

    Books For Self Help Students

    “I am contemplating making a list of a few books that could be put on a five foot shelf the reading of which for ten minutes each day would in time give a man a liberal education.” Read More

    Attempting The Impossible Brings Ridicule

    Americans have the reputation for possessing excellent common sense. Moreover we congratulate ourselves upon our knowledge of the fitness, the appropriateness of things. We think we know “what is right” and “when to do it.” Read More

    Attractive Recital Programs

    With all due respect to printers, we would advise you to depend upon your own originality and ingenuity for any novelty you may desire to incorporate in your program. If you leave the matter entirely in the printer’s hands you will doubtless have as a result some commonplace arrangement that the printer will assure you is “all the go” and which will really go into waste paper baskets. Read More

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