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Mrs. Caroline Washburn Rockwood will have a studio at Asheville, N. C., until October. Mrs. Rockwood’s talks on “Songs and Their Composers” were very successful during the past season.

The Commencement Concert of the School of Music, Doane College, was given June 11th. Miss Janie Marguerite Pulver was graduated.

Mr. Claude Nettleton’s annual concert at Tabor, Iowa, June 3d, was well attended.

The Landon Conservatory, Dallas, Tex., has had such success that an additional building is being erected. Four hundred and twenty dollars in scholarships are offered by the director, in the piano, violin, and vocal departments.

A new musical organization has been formed at Fort Wayne, Ind., for the study of chamber-music. It is called the “Franz Schubert String Quartet.” Mr. Herbert G. Patton is one of the leading spirits in the club.

Mr. Edgar S. Fischer, head of the violin department of Whitman College Conservatory of Music, Oregan, (sic) gave a recital May 17th. His program was made up from works by Brahms, Bach, Dvorâk, and Lalo.

Mr. George L. McMillan gave his annual concert at Hillsboro, Tex., May 20th. He was assisted by a chorus of one hundred children.

Mr. Gustav L. Becker, New York City, closed the sixth season of his lecture-musicales, May 25th. Fourteen of Mr. Becker’s pupils are also teachers, and they presented pupils at this recital.

Mr. Charles V. Barker and pupils, of Lowell, Mass., gave a very successful recital May 16th. The “Poet and Peasant” overture and the “March” from “Tannhäuser” were played on six pianos, two players at each.

Mr. Frank L. Eyer’s pupils’ recitals were given at Greenville, O., May 24th and 25th.

The closing recitals of the School of Music of Western College, Iowa, George Pratt Maxim, director, were given May 20th, 25th, 27th; June 1st, 3d, 8th, and 10th.

Miss Evelyn Heine and her pupils gave a recital at Pensacola, Fla., June 13th.

Mr. James M. Tracy has been giving a series of recitals of classical music in Denver, Col.

The programs for the last term at Wellesley College, under the direction of Professor Macdougall, have been unusually good.

Miss Ella C. Bigelow gave her annual pupils’ recital in the Opera House at Akron, O., May 24th.

Mrs. Nellie Evans Packard, of Brockton, Mass., gave the closing pupils’ recitals of the season, May 24th, 25th, and 27th.

Rowena Shiffbauer, the child pianist of Kansas City, who was complimented by Paderewski, will continue her studies under Alberto Jonas. Kansas City musical people are interesting themselves to provide for the young girl’s education.

The Commencement and Annual Concert of the Conservatory of Music, Scio College, O., was held June 18th. The Oratorio Society assisted. The choral work was “The Last Hymn,” by George A. Kies.

Mr. Harry Eugene Dibble, of Louisville, Ky., gave a fine program of classic works at his recital, June 3d. A Concerto in C-minor, by Pierne, was a novelty.

The commencement recitals of the Virginia Home School, Keysville, Miss Minnie Gilmore, director, were given June 10th, 11th, and 12th.

The second concert of the Newton, Mass., Choral Association, Mr. Everett E. Truette, conductor, was given May 14th. Dudley Buck’s Cantata, “Don Munio,” was rendered.

Miss Maud Helm gave an interesting program in the auditorium of St. Mary’s of the Woods School, conducted by the Sisters of Providence, May 28th.

The closing concert of the School of Music, Virginia Female Institute, F. R. Webb, director, took place June 11th.

The graduating exercises of the musical department of Trinity University, Texas, were held May 13th.

Mr. S. Becker von Grabill has completed his second tour of the South this season. In June he played at Syracuse and Buffalo.

Mr. C. W. Foster has organized a promising orchestra among his pupils in Champaign, Ill. At the last concert an attractive program was rendered.

Mr. Sumner Salter, organist of Cornell University, has been giving a series of weekly recitals during the past months, in Sage Chapel. The programs are unusually valuable to organists.

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