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Musical Calendar.


July 1. Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, eldest son of J. S. Bach, died at Berlin, 1784.

July 2. Christoph Willibald von Gluck, dramatic opera composer, born at Weidenwang, 1714.

July 3. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher, author, and composer, d. at Ermenonville, near Paris, 1778.

July 4. Karl August Haupt, organ-virtuoso, d. at Berlin, 1891.

July 5. William Crotch, composer of sacred music, b. at Norwich, England, 1775.

July 6. Friederich Wilhelm Rust, eminent violinist and composer, b. at Wörlitz, 1739. Otto Neitzel, pianist and opera composer, b. at Falkenberg, 1852.

July 7. Giovanni Bottesini, renowned double-bass virtuoso, and composer, d. at Parma, 1889.

July 8. Marco Antonio Buononcini, dramatic composer and rival of G. F. Handel, d. at Modena, 1726. Friedrich Chrysander, musical historian and critic, b. at Lübtheen, 1826.

July 9. Constantin Ivanovitch von Sternberg, eminent pianist and composer, b. at St. Petersburg, 1852.

July 10. Sigismund Neukomm, composer, b. at Salzburg, 1778. Henri Wieniawski, distinguished violinist, b. at Lublin, Poland, 1835.

July 11. Joseph Aloys Tichatschek, famous dramatic tenor, b. at Ober-Weckelsdorf, Bohemia, 1807.

July 12. Karl Heinrich Barth, distinguished pianist and teacher, b. at Pilau, 1847.

July 13. John Toplady Carrodus, eminent violinist, d. at Hampton, England, 1895.

July 14. Jakob Stainer, renowned violin-maker, b. at Absam, Tyrol, 1621.

July 15. Carl Czerny, eminent pianist and pedagogue, d. at Vienna, 1857. Alexander Wheelock Thayer, writer and critic, d. at Trieste, 1897.

July 16. John Field, pianist and composer of striking originality, b. at Dublin, 1782.

July 17. August Johan Södermann, distinguished Swedish composer, b. at Stockholm, 1832. Franz Hitz, composer and pianist, b. at Aarau, Switzerland, 1828.

July 18. Pauline Viardot-Garcia, famous dramatic singer, b. at Paris, 1821. Hugo Riemann, distinguished author, critic, and teacher, b. at Grossmehlra, 1849.

July 19. Vincenz Lachner, composer, b. at Rain, 1811. Wilhelm Kalliwoda, composer, b. at Donaueschlingen, 1827. Ferdinand David, eminent violinist and pedagogue, d. at Klosters, 1873.

July 20. Johann Friederich Kittl, composer, d. at Lissa, 1868.

July 21. Louis Théodore Gouvy, pianist and composer, b. at Goffontaine, 1819. Robert Planquette. composer, b. at Paris, 1840.

July 22. Heinrich Proch, composer, b. at Leipsa, 1809. Luigi Arditi, distinguished opera conductor, b. at Crescentino, 1822. Julius Stockhausen, vocal teacher, b. at Paris, 1826.

July 23. Antonio Maria Gasparo Sacchini, dramatic composer, b. at Pozzuoli, 1734.

July 24. Benedetto Marcello, famous composer and poet, d. at Brescia, 1739. Adolphe Charles Adam, celebrated opera composer, b. at Paris, 1803.

July 25. Aloys Schmitt, pianist and eminent teacher, d. at Frankfort-on-Main, 1866.

July 26. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, son of the great composer, b. at Vienna, 1791. Michele Enrico Carafa, opera composer, d. at Paris, 1872.

July 27. George Onslow, pianist and composer, b. at Chermont-Ferrand, 1784. Vladimir de Pachmann, brilliant pianist, b. at Odessa, 1848.

July 28. Johann Sebastian Bach, the most gifted of musicians, d. at Leipzig, 1750. Carl Zerrahn, distinguished conductor, b. at Malchow, 1826.

July 29. Robert Schumann, critic and leader in German romanticism, d. at Endenich, 1856. Sophie Menter, distinguished pianist, b. at Munich, 1848. Oscar Raif, pianist and teacher, d. at Berlin, 1899.

July 30. Eduard Eggeling, pianist and composer, b. at Brunswick, 1813.

July 31. François-Auguste Gevaert, eminent Belgian composer and musical scientist, b. at Huysse near Oudenarde, 1828. Franz Liszt, the eminent pianist and composer, d. at Bayreuth, 1886.

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