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Value of Choir-membership.

We must have our organizations and clubs for the cultivation of the externals life, as well as for deeper things of intellectual culture and thought-interchange. Is there anyone within the reach of my voice who knows of a more satisfying kind of social club than the church-choir? Is there any other organization that affords a greater diversity of pleasure, or delights more lasting? In my own church-choir I have some of the best and brightest young people in a city of more than 20,000; many of them I meet daily, and with some I mingle in a business as well as social way. It is rare, indeed, that there is not a song in the heart of each one of them, if not upon their lips; their music makes them happy, drives away their cares, even in the midst of care, and adds the blessings of cheerfulness, which do not come as a result of the ordinary club meeting, or session of the conventional society organization.—Ex.

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