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Mr. Richard Redhead, composer of the well-known hymn-tune “Rock of Ages,” as well as other music for the Anglican Church, died recently. He was bora at Harrow, England, March 1, 1820, and at an early age was one of the choristers of Magdalen College, Oxford. In 1864 he was ap­pointed organist at the Church of St. Mary Mag­dalene, London, which post he held at the time of his death.


* * *


Mr. Carl Pflueger, a tenor singer, director of the Orpheus Musical Society in Boston, and a composer, died in Boston, May 21st. His most successful score was the music to “1492.” Among his church-music the best known is the contralto solo and quartet “How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me?” (White-Smith), which has long been popular with every quartet-choir.


* * *


The fifteenth public service of the American Guild of Organists was held at All Angel’s Church, New York, May 16th. The program was selected almost entirely from the compositions of the late Sir John Stainer, and consisted of “A Church P0relude, Mag­nificat, and Nunc Dimittis in B-flat”; Anthem, “I Saw the Lord Sitting Upon a Throne”; “My Hope is in the Everlasting”; “Awake, Thou That Sleepest,” from “Daughter of Jairus”; and “Alla Marcia.”

The choirs of All Angel’s, St. Mathew’s, and Christ Churches were combined for the service. The follow­ing candidates who took the examination for associateship April 24th were successful, and have re­ceived the degree: Mr. J. S. Broach, Brooklyn. Mr. Albert R. Norton, Brooklyn. Mr. S. Lewis Elmer, Bridgeton, N. J. Mrs. Alfa L. Small, Chelsea, Mass. Mrs. Ada L. Black, San Francisco. Mr. Robert G. Weigester, Elmira, N. Y.

Mr. M. Robert A. Lasbett Smith was awarded a certificate on presentation of a similar certificate of the Royal College of Organists.


* * *


Why ought organ-pipes to talk and walk?
Because they have lips and feet.


* * *


Mr. William C. Carl intends to spend the summer in Paris, returning in September for three organ-recitals at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo.


* * *


Do not leave the swell-box open during the sum­mer vacation. Flies are the greatest enemies to reed stops as well as to string-toned stops, and can be kept out of the swell if not away from any other part of the organ.

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