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New Church Music.

Marston, “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand” (Schmidt). Contralto solo and quartet (or chorus).

Eyer, “Sweet is the Light of Sabbath Eve” (Schmidt). Short hymn-anthem for soprano and quartet.

Marston, “While the Days Are Going By”

(Schmidt). Mezzosoprano (or contralto) solo and quartet or chorus.

Hanscom, “The Homeland” (Schmidt). Short unaccompanied quartet.

Shelley, “0 Home of Fadeless Splendor” (Schuberth). Bass solo, contralto and tenor duet, and chorus.

Sealy, “Now the Day is Over” (Ditson). Chorus with short phrases for soprano and contralto.

Miller, “For Thee, O Dear Country” (Ditson). Soprano solo and chorus.

Schnecker, “Abide With Me” (Ditson). Soprano, tenor, and bass solos, with quartet.

Houseley, “Crossing the Bar” (Schmidt). Quartet or chorus.

Godard, “0 Lord, Thou Art My Strength” (Ditson). Soprano and tenor solos and quartet.

Spence, “Like as the Hart” (Schmidt). Soprano solo and quartet.

Chandon, “When Power Divine” (Schmidt). Short hymn-anthem with soprano solo and duet for tenor and alto.

Underhill, “O, Very God” (Whitesmith). Chorus.

Sealy, “O Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me Out” (Novello). Quartet or chorus, with short soprano solo.

Surette, “O How Amiable” (Novello). Soprano solo and chorus.

Schmidt’s “Choir Collection,” containing anthems, hymns, and responses selected from the works of Mrs. Beach, Arthur Foote, Frank Hynes, G. W. Chadwick, E. W. Hanscom, G. W. Marston, and others. A good collection of useful selections for the choirs of non-liturgical churches.


New Sacred Songs.

Scott, “God our Protector” (Schmidt). (High and low keys.)

Park, “Tarry With Me” (Schmidt). (Two keys.)

Blumenschein, “Is There a Lone and Dreary Hour?” (Schmidt). (Two keys.)

Blumenschein, “Lead Us, Heavenly Father” (Schmidt). (Two keys.)

Hanscom, ‘The Homeland” (Schmidt). (Two keys.)


New Organ Music.

Higgs, “CantilSne Pastorale” (Schott). Higgs, “Lento Religioso” (Schott). Higgs. “Theme, with Variations” (Schott).

Galeotti, “Offertoire,” opus 100 (Hen- gel).

Saint-Saens, “Reverie du Soir” (Durand). (Transcribed by Alexandre Guil- mant.)

Wagner, “Pilgrim’s Chorus” (Schmidt). (A good arrangement by E. A. Barrell.)

Chaminade, “Pastorale” (Schmidt). (Arranged by E. A. Barrell.)

Barnes, “Andante in E” (Schmidt).

Barnes, “Menuetto” (Schmidt).

Barnes, “Sonata Cromatique” (Schuberth).

Storer, “Sonata in G-minor” (Fischer).

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