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On February 13th a concert was given by the Pittsburgh Orchestra, assisted by J. Melville Horner, baritone, of Boston.

A recital was given at the studio of Mr. Ad. M. Foerster, Pittsburgh, Pa., on February 21st, by the Misses Minick and Rogers, sopranos, and Miss K. Hillgrove, pianist.

Mr. Edgar S. Fischer, a violinist of great promise, who recently returned to Philadelphia after a four years’ course at the Royal Hoch Schule, of Berlin, Joseph Joachim, director, has been called to the professorship of music in Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington. His first performance there was received with enthusiasm.

The Faculty of Music of Oxford College, assisted by Mrs. Emma Ostrander Whitney, of the School of Oratory, gave an interesting program at their recital, on February 13th.

The February musical at “Villa Maria,” Frontenac, Minn., was one of unusual interest. Those participating demonstrated the careful training given in the school, and an ease and self-possession, the result of these public appearances.

The enrollment of students in the Conservatory of Music of the Lutheran Ladies’ Seminary, Red Wing, Minn., is nearly double that of last year. A separate building for the conservatory will be erected during the coming year.

On January 27th a portion of the pupils of the Conservatory of Music of Doane College, Crete, Neb., gave a recital which was very entertaining and showed that excellent work is being done in the conservatory. W. Irving Andruss is director.

Mr. Emil Liebling gave a concert on February 3d in Milwaukee, Earl R. Drake, violin virtuoso, dividing the honors with him. Mr. Drake proved himself one of the very best violinists now before the public. Among the numbers played by the Messrs. Liebling and Drake was the famous “Kreutzer Sonata” (A, opus 47), given in its entirety. Both artists did justice to this sonata in the fullest sense of the word.

The Euterpe Club, of Kansas City, Mo., announces a lecture-song recital, given by Mr. William Shakespeare, of London, on February 13th.

The sudden death of Lyman W. Wheeler, of Columbus, Ohio, was a great shock to his very large circle of friends. He was a leading tenor soloist and teacher, and a member of the faculty of the New England Conservatory of Music.

The Liebling Amateurs, assisted by Miss Edith Kramer, gave a concert at Kimball Rehearsal Hall, on February 10th.

Mrs. R. B. Ranier entertained the Ladies’ Musical Society of Independence, Iowa, at their last regular meeting. An interesting program was presented.

Miss Edith L. Winn, who has been a successful violin soloist and teacher, will open a studio in Boston shortly. Miss Winn has delivered many talks on Germany and music-life abroad, and has also fitted herself for the special line of violin lecture-recitals.

A recital was given by Mrs. E. H. Merrill and Miss Florence Warhurst, on February 5th, followed by a second on February 10th.

A recital was given by Paderewski in Music Hall, Troy, N. Y., on January 18th.

The pupils of Miss Gleim, Tacoma, Wash., gave a piano recital on the evening of December 2d.

Alexander McArthur, the versatile and brilliant novelist, contributes to the new Pictorial Review the first chapters of a novel, the title of which is “Princess Delphine.”

The 1899-1900 program of the Chaminade Musical Club, Jacksonville, Ill., of which Mrs. V. B. Vasey, is president, is at hand. The subject of this year’s study is “Music in Germany.” In addition to the program at each meeting each member is expected to respond, at roll call, with a current musical item, a feature which adds interest to the meetings.

The new Leefson-Hille Conservatory, of Philadelphia, gave its first pupils’ concert on the evening of February 3d at Musical Fund Hall. A large, appreciative audience enjoyed the artistic rendering of the program. The assisting orchestra was composed exclusively of pupils of the school. Mr. Maurits Leefson, the director and well-known piano virtuoso, also kindly assisted at the annual concert given by the Octave Club, of Philadelphia.

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