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The Circle Pin.

As a result of the call for  votes as to which of the ten mottoes published last month should be selected, am glad to report that we have a very definite expression of opinion from different parts of the country. Various reasons were given for their preferences, but most of them were embodied in a letter which follows. It has been condensed somewhat, but the ideas presented have not been marred, we hope, by too free a use of the shears.

As before stated, it will not be possible to print the motto selected, since the society wishes to keep that an exclusive possession of its members. The motto receiving the greatest number of votes, outside of the society, was No. 7. The name of the successful competitor was Miss Mary Belle Jewel, of Akron, Ohio. The committee wish to express, through the editor, their gratitude to all those who competed for the motto of the circle pin, and assure those who have honored them with suggestions that, if the society is ever extended beyond the limits of its own city, all competitors will have an opportunity to become either active or honorary members, and thus possess the circle pin and the secret of its meaning. Here follows the letter above referred to:

“Mr. H. W. Greene, New York.

“Dear Sir:

“I am a reader of The Etude, and have followed with interest the efforts of the young ladies’ musical society to secure a good motto for a circle pin. In reply to your request for subscribers to name the one which they prefer of the ten which occurred in the last issue, beg to submit the following:

“No. 1. ‘By diligence each a goal can find.’ An excellent motto, but does not mention music or art. Certainly by diligence, in anything, each a goal can find.

“No. 2. ‘Greatness and blessedness ever follow conscientious diligence.’ This also fails to mention the word music or art.

“No. 3. ‘Fear God and bravely conquer every difficulty.’ We are again met with the same difficulty.

“No. 4. ‘Be chaste, diligent, energetic, fervent, and gentle.’ We should do that in whatever life our energies are directed. Again no allusions to art.

“No. 5. ‘Great difficulties are conquered by faithful endeavor.’ Faithful endeavor applies to anything. Art is not mentioned.

“No. 6. ‘All beautiful creations develop ever from God.’ God is in every creation, whether it is beautiful or not, and we find no discrimination in the motto favoring the object of such a society.

“No. 7. ‘Build cautiously a foundation, gaining definite ends.’ This also applies generally, and has no special meaning or value.

“No. 8. ‘Art develops energy, faithfulness, greatness, character, beauty.’ At last we have a motto, the first word of which carries with it the central idea of such a society, and is consistent throughout.

“No. 9. ‘Art beloved, divinely created, earth’s fairest gift.’ This motto shows only what art is, not what it does, and is not as good as No. 8.

“No. 10. ‘Go forward, comrades, build, encourage, and defend.’ This motto would be an excellent one of the word art or artists could be made to appear. If the person who sent it would consent to have it changed, so that it would read: ‘Go forward, artists, comrades, build, encourage, defend,’ I think it would be much improved.

“I await with interest the publication of the general vote on the mottoes.

“M. D. K.”

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