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Harpists In Demand

womans-work-in-music.jpgMrs. Clara Murray, the well-known harpist, is very enthusiastic over the ever-increasing popularity of the harp. Not only has she had great success this winter in concert work, having played in Cincinnati, Memphis, Omaha, St. Paul, and other cities, but several of her pupils have also held excellent positions this season. Among them, Mr. Walfried Singer has just returned from a successful tour with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Mr. Rosenbecker, director. At present, owing to the illness of Mr. Edmund Schuecker, harpist of the Chicago Orchestra under Theodore Thomas, Mr. Singer has been engaged to substitute for him. Miss Wilhelmina Lowe is harpist for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Miss Atwood is with the Boston Ladies’ Symphony Orchestra, and Miss Alice Genevieve Smith is soloist with a company under the management of a prominent bureau.


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