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Federation News Items.

womans-work-in-music.jpgAlready the federation  interest is turning to Cleveland, where will be held the next biennial meeting one year from this coming spring.

The federation will be the guest of the famous Fortnightly Club, of which Mrs. J. H. Webster, first vice-president and member of the executive committee of the N. F. M. C., is president.

Mrs. Charles Farnsworth, librarian, who has been spending the winter in Los Angeles, Cal., has returned to her home in Boulder, Col.

Members of the federation desiring programs and year-books of federated clubs will, upon application, receive them from Mrs. Farnsworth, who is distributing them widely.

The Redlands “Spinet” is doing fine work under Miss Cartledge, as president. Among their artist recitals are numbered the Heinrichs and the Spierings.

There is strong evidence of the organization of a club at Riverside.

Interest in the work of the federation is growing very surely in the Eastern section, as interested and inquiring letters testify.

Mme. Lilli Lehmann has given some excellent advice on the operatic career: “I most strongly disapprove of girls who are studying going into the chorus and making their first appearance in that way to get used to the stage; for, in addition to their proper studies, they have to attend rehearsals all the morning and are liable to strain their voices by singing at them and at the performance in the evening. Young girls need more repose than such a life is capable of giving. Begin in small parts is my advice and do not begin too early. A girl may commence her serious work at eighteen, but she will need five or six years good study afterward. Five-and-twenty is by no means too late for a woman to begin singing parts of moderate importance, and from thirty to thirty-two is time enough for dramatic parts.”

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