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Mr. Walter C. Gale     gave an organ recital in Mendelssohn Hall, New York, January 30th. The principal works were “Prelude and Fugue” in A-minor of Bach, “First Sonata” of Mendelssohn, and part of the “Fifth Symphony” of Widor.

* * *

John H. Odell, founder of the pipe-organ manufactory of J. H. & C. S. Odell Company, died on December 30th. He was born in 1830 and founded the house in 1859 with his brother, who died some seven years ago.

* * *

Mr. Paul Moller, who died recently, was organist and choir-master of Stora Raby Church, in the south of Sweden, for seventy-two years, during which time he never missed a service or took a holiday. He was a member of a family which had held the position for the past two hundred years.

* * *

Mr. John Hermann Loud gave his forty-third organ recital in the First Church, Springfield, Mass., January 15th.

* * *

Bartlett: “I hear that your next-door neighbors have a new organ. Do you know many stops it has?”

Jackson: “Only about three a day, and those are only for meals.—Ex.

* * *

A young lady organist in a church in Colorado was somewhat captivated with the young pastor of the church in the next street, and was delighted to hear one week that by an exchange he was to preach the next Sunday in her own church.

The organ was pumped by an obstreperous old sexton, who would often stop when he thought the organ voluntary had lasted long enough.

This day the organist was anxious that all should go well, and as the services were about to begin she wrote a note intended solely for the sexton’s eye.

He took it, and in spite of her agonized beckoning carried it straight to the preacher. What was that gentleman’s astonishment when he read:

“Oblige me this morning by blowing away till I give you the signal to stop.”—Youth’s Companion.


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