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Recital Programs

Pupils of the Elementary Department, Broad Street Conservatory, Philadelphia.
Don Juan Menuet (4 hands), Mozart; Polka (4 hands), Wohlfahrt; Lullaby, Swift; Barcarolle, Behr; By the Spring, Slumber Song, Gurlitt; Theme and Variations (violin), Papini; Forest Flowers Waltz, Lichner; Cradle Song, Waddington; Children's Carnival, Streabbog; In Venice, Danziger; The Skylark, Tschaikowsky; Spinning Song, Ellmenreich; Berceuse (violin), Louis; Flirtation, Berger; Under the Leaves, Thomé; Skating, Kullak; May Has Come, Wittman.
Pupils of Mrs. C. Mosser.
Minstrel's Serenade (2 pianos), Löw; Echoes of the Ball, Gillet; Valse in E-flat, Durand; Dorothy, Smith; Simple Confession, Thomé; Gavotte Mignon, Thomas; Narcissus, Nevin; La Tzigane, Ganne ; Camp of the Gypsies, Behr; Spinning Song, Wagner; Song of the Nightingale, Povski; Tarantelle, Binet; The Huntsman's Return, Hiller; Valse Chromatique, Godard; Hypatia, Dougherty; La Zingara, Bohm; Song to the Evening Star, Wagner-Liszt; Aragonaise, Massenet; Shower of Stars, Wachs; Barcarolle, Behr; Mountain Stream, Smith; To Spring, Grieg; The Brook, Lack; Rustle of Spring, Sinding; Etincelles, Moszkowski; Arlequin, Chaminade; Witches' Dance (4 hands), Behr.
Pupils of Mrs. W. C. Norman and Miss Dorothy Smith, Violinist.
Persian March (8 hands), de Kontski; Little Fairy, Waddington; Mazurka, Op. 8, Schumann; Air de Ballet (violin), Warner; Lullaby, Goerdeler; Sonata, Op. 6 (4 hands), Beethoven; Butterflies, Grieg; Drifting, Bechtel; Flower Song (violin), Lange; Barbier de Seville, overture (6 hands), Rossini; Tendre Aveu (violin), Dezso, Lederer; The Broken Ring (violin), Carmen; La Fontaine, Bohm; Cujus Animam, Rossini; Feu Follet, Durand de Grau; Moonlight Sail, Bendel.
Pupils of Harold Nason.
Ruy Bias, overture (8 hands), Mendelssohn; Valse Chromatique, Godard; Pensees Fugitives, Moszkowski; Spinning Song, Chaminade; Prelude, Rachmaninoff; Valse, Op. 42, Chopin; Nocturne (8 hands), Jensen; Reverie, Schütt; Grande Valse in A-flat, Moszkowski; Caprice d'Alceste, Gluck—Saint-Saëns; Polonaise in E-flat Minor, Chopin; Marche Héroique (8 hands), Saint-Saëns.
Pupils of Mrs. L. May Holt.
Serenade, Don Juan (4 hands), Mozart; Melody of Love, Op. 600, Engelmann; Alpine Glow, Oesten; With Wind and Tide (4 hands), Hewitt; Gitana, Mazurka Brilliant, Heins; Lohengrin, Introduction to Act III (4 hands), Wagner; May Breezes, Lange; Robert, Idol of My Heart (organ and piano), Meyerbeer; Mazurka de Concert, Leschetizky; Tarantella, Heller; Second Valse, Godard; Air de Ballet, Chaminade; Midsummer Night's Dream, overture (4 hands), Mendelssohn; Les Clochettes, Ascher; Valse, Op. 64, No. 1, Chopin; Grand Galop de Concert, Ketterer.
Pupils of Mrs. Rosa Futrelle-Gideon.
II Trovatore (4 hands), Verdi; Morning Prayer, Op. 107, No. 2, Gurlitt; Tarantelle, Schmoll; Valse Vive, Op. 33, Binet; Cabaletta, Lack; Valse des Fleurs, Op. 116, Ketterer; Once in a Purple Twilight (song), Cowles; The Brook in the Forest, Wenzel; Valse in E Minor, No. 4, Chopin; Grande Marche de Concert, Op. 19, Wollenhaupt; Les Hirondelles, Op. 14, Godard; Good Night, Little Girl, Good Night (song), Macey; March from Hungarian Rhapsody, No. 2 (4 hands), Liszt.
Pupils of Miss M. H. Willis.
Junior Recital.—Golden Star, Streabbog; My First Waltz, Engelmann; Adonis, Streabbog; The School Bell, Cohen; Marche Militaire (4 hands), Streabbog; On the Hillside, Schnecker; Flying the Kite, Salome; Guards' March (4 hands), Freeman; The Mountain Echoes, Streabbog; University Polka, Cooke; Through the Forest, Mack; Marche aux P^lambeaux, Streabbog; Modern Style Dance, Anteras; Among the Gypsies, Janke; Faust March, Gounod; Balletto, Sudds; Chiming Bells, Blake; Stephanie, Czibulka; The Forget-Me-Not, Waddington; Love's Rejoicing, Blake; Dorothy, Smith; Doll's Dreams, Oesten; The Capital March, Hodgins; Weeping Willows, Reisky; Le Grace (4 hands), Bohm; March, Op. 556, Engelmann; The Scotch Brigade, Bonheur; Rays of Sunshine, Geibel; Exhibition March (4 hands), Berger.
Senior Recital.—The Happy Farmer (4 hands), Schumann; II Trovatore, Verdi-Dorn; Grand Galop Militaire (4 hands), Bohm; Idylle, Lange; Mexican Butterfly, Clarke; Love's Oracle, Bohm; Impromptu Valse, Bach- mann; Consolation, Mendelssohn; La Grace, Bohm; Sunflower Dance (4 hands), MacClymont; Morgengruss, Dorn; Alpine Bells, Oesten; O'er Hill and Dale (4 hands), Engelmann); Marche Jubilant, Aletter; Valse Humoristique, Ringuet; Priest's March (4 hands), Mendelssohn; Heather Bells, Lange; Fanfare Militaire (6 hands), Ascher; Valse Opus 64, No. 1, Chopin; Diavolina, Bendel; Valse Brillante in A-flat, Chopin; Polacca Brillante, Perpetual Movement, Weber.
Faculty and Students of the Music Department of Hillsboro Academy.
Poet and Peasant, overture (2 pianos, 8 hands), Fr. von Suppe; Nocturne in E-flat, Op. 9, No. 2, Chopin; Spinning Song, Mendelssohn; Cavatina from Robert le Diable, Meyerbeer; Perambula in E, Bach; Romanza in F-sharp, Schumann; Il Bacio (song), Arditi; The Swallows (song), Cowen; My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair (song), Haydn; Spring Song, Mendelssohn; Theme in G with Variations, Beethoven; Serenade (4 female voices), Schubert; Schmetterling, Spindler; Nocturne in G, Op. 37, No. 2, Chopin; Last Hope, Gottschalk.
Pupils of Aura Dean.
Clover Leaf Polka, Little Fairie Waltz, At School March, Streabbog; March Maestoso, Weber; Orvetta Waltz, Spencer; Joyous Farmer, Schumann; Star of the Sea, Hoist; Danube Sprite, Horvath; Waltz Brillante, Weber; Festival Polonaise, Hanisch; Hungarian Love Song, Roeckel; Ride of the Amazons, Op. 338, Fink; A May Day, Rathbun.
Pupils of Miss Ida E. Dow.
Frühlings Marsch (2 pianos, 12 hands), Tutchek; New Year's Greeting (4 hands), Streabbog; Merry Farmer, Schumann; Nocturne (song), Denza; At School March, Streabbog; My Rose (song), Lacy; La Cabeille de Roses (4 hands), Streabbog; Strains from the Rocky Mountains, Meyer; May Bells, Morley; Meadow Pink, Cloy; The Wayside Chapel, Wilson; Fairy Echo, Schoenburn; A Dream of Heaven (song), Watt; The Market Maid, Bohm; Military Galop (4 hands), Labitzky; Fifth Nocturne, Leybach;   One Sweetly Solemn Thought (song), Ambrose; Moonlight on the Hudson, Wilson; Thou Art Mine All (song), Bradsky.
Advanced Pupils of Strassberger Conservatory of Music.
Nocturne, Op. 2, Chopin; Kammenoi Ostrow, Rubinstein; Una Voce poco fa (song), Rossini; Ballade in F Major, Chopin; Liebesträum, Liszt; La Folia (Cadenza by Leonard (violin), Corelli; Rhapsodie No. 12, Liszt; 0 Mio Fernando (song), Donizetti; Ballade in A-flat Major, Chopin; Etude de Concert, Liszt; Romance, Beethoven; Blue Bells Air varie, Bauersachs; March Militaire (2 pianos, 4 hands), Schubert.
Pupils of Mrs. Robert D. Brain.
Festival March (4 hands), Low; A Lawn Party, Heins; Pluie de Roses, Streabbog; Invitation to the Dance, Weber; In Rank and File, Lange; Girard Gavotte (6 hands), Fondey; In the Time of Apple Blossoms, Metzler; Mill in the Black Forest, Eilenberg; Memories of the Ball, Streabbog; Bells at Sunset, Rockstro; Softly Sings the Brooklet, Wenzel; May Breezes, Lange; Floating Song, Geibel; Abendglocken, Koelling; Triumphal March, Concone; Cujus Animam, Rossini; The Black Forest Clock, Heins; Shower of Stars (Caprice), Wachs; Silbersterne (Mazurka), Bohm; Galop (6 hands), Streabbog.
Pupils of Brenau Conservatory.
Overture to Elizabeth (8 hands), Rossini; In May Time (song), Speaks; Thou Art Like Unto a Flower (song), Cantor; Music to Midsummer Night's Dream (8 hands), Mendelssohn; The Woodpecker (song), Nevin; Berceuse (song), Strelezki; Hungarian Fantasie, Liszt-Bülow; Waltz from Romeo and Juliet, Gounod; When Roses Bloom Again (song), Cantor; Rakoczy March (8 hands), Liszt.
Pupils of Mrs. Cora A. Beels.
Carillon (4 hands), Ringuet; Hunting Song, Bechter; Santa Claus March, Krogmann; Little Boy Blue (song), Bugbee; Sunshine Days, Franklin; Les Marguerites, La Fontaine; Lucky at Last (violin), Leston; The Prattler, Fliersbach; May Day (4 hands), Rathbun; Dream Fancies, Oscar Schavland (original composition); Old Stars and Stripes Good-bye (violin), Wilson; Valse Debutante, Zeis- berg; The Butterfly (vocal duet), Bugbee; Glistening Pearls, Engelmann; Bonne Nuit, Hitz; Im Garten (4 hands), Neumann; Sylphides, Spindler; Melody in F (violin), Rubinstein; Regatta Vineziana, Liszt; Norwegian Bridal Procession, Grieg; The Choir Boy (song), Armstrong; La Scintilla (4 hands), Gottschalk.

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