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Those who have watched with interest the progress of music in England during the last five and twenty years are sure to have noticed the great strides that church music has made in that period. Recalling the slovenly, slipshod manner in which the music of the sanctuary was before rendered, and the small technical skill of the organist of that time, the change that has passed over church singing and organ playing is little short of extraordinary. And in this great development none will gainsay that the Royal College of Organists has borne a very important part.
The organist has frequently to unite with his work that of choirmaster; and there is no gainsaying the fact that in the direction of the choirmaster's work more might still be accomplished than is done at present. It will, doubtless, be agreed that, like the poet, the choirmaster is "born, not made." But this is only a partial truth, for, although the influence of a man on others, and his ability to rule and direct is innate, yet that power must be coupled with the possession of the requisite knowledge which is to be imparted to others.
On April 26th the first R. C. O. Choir Training Examination will be held. Taking the whole scheme of this examination in view, one cannot but feel that a thoroughly earnest attempt has at last been made to test the budding choirmaster in all the branches of his work, and the sincere wish may be expressed that many will present themselves for the forthcoming examination.—Musical News.
A three-manual organ is being erected by the Hutchungs-Votey Company in the music room of Mr. J. Warren Andrews' house in New York City.
Miss Louise F. Thayer, a pupil of Mr. Andrews, gave an organ recital, of music composed by her father, in the Church of the Divine Paternity, New York City, the last of December.
We understand that arrangements have been completed whereby Mons. Alexandre Guilmant will give organ concerts at the coming Exposition in St. Louis for a period of six weeks.
A three-manual organ, with 34 speaking stops, 9 pedal combinations, and 9 pistons duplicating the pedals, built by M. P. Moeller, was inaugurated in the St. Stephen's Church, Harrisburg, Pa., December 10th, by Mr. Dingley Brown.

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