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Addison said: "The mind that lies fallow but a single day sprouts up in follies that are only to be killed by a constant and assiduous culture."
Adding to mental and moral stature is worthy one's best endeavor. Let us see then how this may be accomplished. There is but one way, and that is by manifesting truth, judgment, and righteousness, or right living; for character building comprises knowing, doing, being. It requires the improvement of the talent, the ability to work hard, which has been given to each individual; it requires intelligent and continuous labor which is skill; it requires genius which is tireless industry and painstaking. It necessitates also the substitution of principle for prejudice.
To make any progress one must choose aright and do aright and the time to make the foundation firm and strong is before the structure is built. Good judgment necessarily precedes right action. If one would avoid mistakes, judgment must be cultivated, and it should become sound as experience accumulates.—A. A. F., in the Christian Register.

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