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MUSICAL FANTASIES. By Israfel. Imported by Charles Scribner's Sons.
A collection of pen studies of musicians, among whom may be mentioned Wagner, Richard Strauss, Tschaikowsky, Chopin, Liszt, Grieg, Coleridge-Taylor, Paderewski, de Pachmann, Ternina, Ysaye, and Kubelik. The word pictures are very vivid and well-nigh exhaust the adjectival resources of the English language.
SAMUEL PEPYS: LOVER OF MUSIQUE. By Sir Frederick Bridge. Imported by Charles Scribner's Sons. $1.50, net.
Last year Sir Frederick Bridge, organist of Westminster Abbey, delivered several lectures on the connection of Samuel Pepys, the gossip and chronicler of his times, with the music and musicians of his day. The present work is an elaboration of the lectures and furnish a most fascinating picture of music, its place in the social life, and the fashionable court world of the time, 1669-1703, based on a thorough study of his celebrated "Diary." No study of seventeenth century music in England can be complete without a consideration of the material offered by Dr. Bridge in his study of Pepys, the musical enthusiast.

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