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Recital Programs


Pupils of Perley Dunn Aldrich.
Compositions by Mr. Arthur Foote: Sonata in G Minor, A Song from the Persian, The Eden Rose, Sweet is True Love, Roumanian Song, In Picardie, Love’s Philosophy, Autumn, Memnon; Suite in C Minor, First Movement; To Blossoms, Summer Longings, The Roses are Dead, On the Way to Kew, A Song of Four Seasons; If You Become a Nun, Dear; It Was a Lover, Go Lovely Rose, O Come with Me.

Pupils of J. M. Dungan.
American Composers Program: Intermezzo, Charles Dennée. Mazurka, Arthur Bird. Evening Song, O. B. Klein. Valse, G. W. Chadwick. Mazurka, Arthur Foote. Danse des Fleurs, Beach. Scherzo, G. W. Chadwick. Ophelia, Barcarolle, Water-Nymphs, Ethelbert Nevin. Silver Spring, William Mason. With Sweet Lavender, In Deep Woods, Indian Idyl, The Joy of Autumn, Edward Macdowell. Caprice Brillante, Beach.

Pupils of Mrs. K. A. Osteraren.
A May Day (4 hands), Rathbun. Spring Song (4 hands), Henselt. Frühlingstimme, Bohm. Elfentanz, Eilenberg. Promenade Gavotte (4 hands), Engelmann. Fascination Walse, Wachs. Reine de Maie (4 hands), Behr. Alla Turca, Mozart. Angel’s Harp, Behr. Au Matin (4 hands), Chaminade. Valse Chromatique, Godard. Witches’ Dance, Macdowell. March, Hollaender. Rondo Capriccioso, Op. 14, Mendelssohn.

Pupils of T. Fred Freeman.
Gavotte from Sixth ‘Cello Suite, Loure from Third ‘Cello Suite, Gigue from First Partita, Bach. Rondo, Op. 51, No. 1, Beethoven. Sonata, in C major, with second piano, Mozart. Tarantella, Witches’ Dance, Concone. Smiles and Tears, le Couppey. Nocturne in F, Gurlitt. Firefly Chase, Streabbog. Lark’s Song, Tschaikowsky. Bagatelle in E-flat, Scharwenka. Spring Song, Mendelssohn. Allegro Vivace from Concerto in C major, with second piano, Mozart. Con Amore, Beaumont. Tarantella in A minor, Pieczonka. Valse, D-flat, Valse, G-flat, Valse, E Minor (Posthumous), Chopin. The Flatterer, The Fauns, Chaminade.

One Hundred and ninetieth Pupils’ Recital, Virginia Female Institute.
Hunters’ Song (Chorus), Kinross. Air de Ballet, Chaminade. Goodnight (Song), Macy. Thou Shalt Love the Lord (Trio), Costa. Your Lips Have Said (Song), Hawley. Vanne a Colei (Trio), Costa., Waltz Brillante, Moszkowski. Evening (Chorus), Smart.

Piano Pupils of Mr. John Manning and Vocal Pupils of Mr. Frank, E. Morse.
My Queen, Brahms. The Dream, Rubinstein. Sonate for Piano and Violin (F Major), Grieg. In a Year, Bohm. Der Nussbaum, Schumann. Ala bien aimée, Schütt. Songs my Mother Taught Me, Dvôrák. Du bist die Ruh, Schubert. Venetian Love-Song, Nevin. By the Brookside, Karganoff. Good Night, Nevin. Villanelle, dell’Acqua. Novellete, Improvisation, Polonaise, Macdowell.

Pupils of the Chicago Piano College.
Concerto, G Minor (first movement), Mendelssohn. Valse Arabesque, Lack. The Rosy Morn, Ronald. To Mary, M. V. White. Elfin Dance, Wilson G. Smith. Second Mazurka, Godard. Good-Bye (song), Tosti. Hark! Hark! the Lark, Schubert-Liszt. My Little Love (song), Hawley. The Fairy Lullaby (song), Needham. Polonaise, C-sharp Minor, Chopin. Rondo Capriccioso, Mendelssohn. Concerto, G Minor (last movement), Mendelssohn.

Pupils of Miss Frankie de Garmo.
Coronation March (2 pianos), Kretschmer. Second Mazurka, Durand. The Bandolero (song) Stuart. Gondoliers, Op. 25, Nevin. Barchetta, Op. 21, Nevin. Polka de Concert in G-flat, Bartlett. Polonaise, C-sharp Minor, Op. 26, Chopin. Nocturne, B Major, Op. 32, Chopin. All For You (song), d’Hardelot. Concerto, G Minor, Op. 25 (4 hands), Mendelssohn.


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