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Pupils of Broad Street Conservatory, Philadelphia.
Neapolitan Boat Song, Wachs. Second Mazurka, Godard. Hymn of the Nuns, organ, Wely. Impromptu Mazurka, Lack. Intermezzo, Szalit. Valse Gracieuse, Niewiadomski. Good Night, song, Nevin. Barcarolle, Wachs. Erotik, Grieg. Valse, Op. 69, No. 1, Chopin. Barcarolle, F minor, Op. 30, No. 1, Rubinstein. Galatea, Jensen. Valse, a la bien Aimée, Schutt. Nocturne, B-flat, Paderewski. Fantasie Impromptu, Chopin. Nocturne, Op. 55, Chopin. Nocturne in G, Combs. Valse de Concert, in D-flat, Wieniawski.

Pupils of Gustav L. Becker: Beethoven Musicale.
Concerto in C, Op. 15; Variations on a Russian theme; Sonata Pathètique, Op. 13, C minor; Variations on an original theme, Op. 34; Funeral March from Sonata, Op. 26, A-flat; Sonata Appassionata, Op. 57, F minor; Variations and Finale from the Kreutzer Sonata.

Pupils of Walter de Prefontaine.
Largo, piano and organ, Handel. Fifth Nocturne, Leybach. Con Amore, Beaumont. Le Carillon, 4 hands, Ringuet. Last Night, song, Kjerulf. The Black Forest Clock, Heins. Pussy Willow, Read. Roguishness, Lange. Gavotte Celebre, 4 hands, Bach. Violets, song, Ellen Wright. On the Meadow, Lichner. Le Reveil, Gobbaerts. Festival Procession March, 4 hands, Rathbun.

Pupils of Mrs. Langlie.
Silver Bells, Op. 66, Weyts. Happy Farmer, Schumann. Air de Chasse, 6 hands, Czerny-Gurlit. Second Mazurka, Op. 54, Godard. Schoolroom March, Mathews. Tarantella, Op. 25, No. 11, Brandt. Sunset Nocturne, C. Read. A Walk in the Fields, Op. 225, No. 1, Sartorio. Ave Marie, Bach-Gounod. Picnic Dance, Spindler. Scherzo, B-flat minor, Chopin. Charge of the Ulans, Bohm. Une Petite Fleur, Voss. Dance of the Fairies, 2 pianos, 8 hands, Fowler. Shooting Stars, Mazurka, Op. 375, 6 hands, Behr. Picnic Dance, Spindler. Le Carillon, 4 hands, Ringuet. Flight of the Bees, Op. 356, Koelling. Second Valse, Op. 56, Godard. The Witches’ Dance, Op. 31, No. 5, Concone.

Pupils of Virginia Female Institute.
Kappa Delta Sigma March, 2 pianos, 8 hands, Webb. The Flowers’ Cradle Song, song, Gaynor. The Two Larks, Leschetizky. Fourth Mazurka, Godard. Nymphs and Shepherds, song, Purcell. Spring Song, Henselt. Arabesque, Meyer-Helmund. Harp Æolienne, Kruger.

Pupils of Mrs. W. K. Cone.
Silvery Waves, Wyman. The Mystic Shrine Patrol, Meyer. Lullaby, song, Mozart. Over the Ocean Blue, song, Petrie. Valse, Op. 51, No. 5, 4 hands, Löschhorn. A Little Song, Lieber. Valse, Op. 51, No. 12, 4 hands, Löschhorn. It Was a Lover and His Lass, song, Morley. The Gondoliers, Nevin. Melodie, Op. 8, No. 3, Paderewski.

Pupils of Sternfeld Studio.
Arabesque, Burgmüller. Butterfly, Lege. Santa Claus Guard, Krogman. The Pink, Lichner. Doll’s Dream, Oesten. Valetta, Krogman. Tulip, Lichner. Marguerite, Lange. Idilio, Lack. Madrigal, Lack. Elfin Dance, Jensen. Fifth Nocturne, Leybach. May Has Come, Bohm. Gipsy Serenade, Franz Behr. Scarf Dance, Chaminade. Valse Caprice, 2 pianos, 4 hands, Rubinstein. Minuet, Paderewski. Flatterer, Chaminade.

Pupils of C. J. Schubert Conservatory.
Second Valse, 4 hands, Godard. The Red, Red Rose, song, Hastings. Edelweiss, Lange. Abendglocken, Bohm. Coronation March, Meyerbeer. Durch Wald and Flur, 4 hands, Schultz. La Lisonjera, Chaminade. Solfeggietto, Ph. Em. Bach. Petit Bolero, Ravina. Le Tambourin, Rameau. Prelude in E Minor, Mendelssohn. Sonatina in F, Clementi. My Heart to Hear Thy Voice, song, Saint-Saëns. Polacca Brillante, Bohm.

Pupils of Columbia Female College.
Military March, R. Kleinfelder. Over Hill and Dale, 8 hands, Engelmann. Creep Into My Arms, Baby, song, Norris. Gondoliera, Liszt. Country Dance, 4 hands, Nevin. Scherzo Brillante, Wollenhaupt. Dream Perplexities, Schumann. Marche Militaire, Felix Heink.

Pupils of Walter S. Sprankle.
Curious Story, Heller. On the Meadow, Lichner. Rippling Brook, Behr. Festival Polonaise, Hanisch. Hilarity, Lichner. One Little Flower, Krug. In the Mountains, Fischer. In Dreamland, Bloeser. Silver Stars Mazurka, Bohm. Con Amore, Beaumont. Joyfulness, von Wilm. Mountain Stream, Smith. Nocturne, No. 8, Field. Slumber Song, Beaumont. Will-o’-the-Wisp, Jungmann. Last Hope, Gottschalk. Valse Styrienne, Wollenhaupt. Tarantelle, 4 hands, Moszkowski.

Pupils of F. E. Cook.
A Dream, song, Bartlett. Gypsy Dance, Schroeder. Silvery Waves March, 4 hands, Herschel. Le Carrillon, 4 hands, Ringuet. Slumber Song, Read. Falling Leaves, Sudds. Oh, Lassie Be True to Me, song, McGreagor. Troika, 4 hands, Tschaikowski.

Pupils of Ella C. Bigelow.
The Mill, Schnecker. The Butterfly, Lege. The Mocking Echo, Schmoll. Witch’s Revel, Schytté. Shadow Dance, Macdowell. Prelude, C Minor, Bach. Capriccio, Op. 16, Mendelssohn. Polka de Concert, Bartlett. Sonata, Op. 13, Beethoven. Die Zauberin, Jensen. Theme Varie et Fugato, Schütt. Valse, Op. 42, Chopin. Mazurka Fantastique, Wollenhaupt. Caprice, Op. 67, Chaminade. Silver Spring, Mason. Il Rossignuolo (In my Neighbor’s Garden), Nevin. Staccato Etude, Rubinstein.

Pupils of Williamston Female College.
Gaetana, Ketterer. Walter’s Lullaby, Passmore. Valse la Petite, Rathbun. Characteristic Sketch, Eyer. Cradle Song, Ries. At Home, Lichner. Carribean Dance, Gurlitt. Spanish Dance, Op. 12, No. 5 (4 hands), Moszkowski. Minuet a l’Antique, Op. 14, Paderewski. Violets (song), Wright. Polonaise, C-sharp Minor, Chopin. Will-o’-the-Wisp, Jensen. Folk Song, Op. 12, No. 5, Norweigen, Op. 12, No. 6, Grieg. Valse de Concert, Wieniawski.

Pupils of Miss E. L. Bradley.
The Palms (4 hands), Faure. Sound the Trumpets, Vincent. Military March (4 hands), Schubert. The Sailor Boys’ Dream, le Hache. Tarantelle, Valse, Schmoll. Waltz Study, Bohm. The Music Box (6 hands), Muller. Scarf Dance, Chaminade. Marche Funèbre, Op. 35 (4 hands), Chopin. Jupiter Waltz, Kavanagh. The Russian Sleigh-Ride (4 hands), Tschaikowsky. Moment Musical, Schubert. Petit Bolero, Ravina. The Tyrolese and his Child, Onkel Ting. Cendrillon Valse, Bachmann.


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