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Home Notes.


We have received an interesting little booklet from the “Heinze School of Artistic Piano-Playing,” Chicago, which contains some valuable points on playing.

Rev. W. B. Chamberlain, professor of Church Music in Chicago Theological Seminary, died March 7th. Prof. Chamberlain was at one time a member of the faculty at Oberlin University.

The Lichtenstein Quartet of St. Louis, are giving a fine series of chamber music concerts in that city. Mr. Lichtenstein’s pupils have formed a “Young People’s String Orchestra,” for which a concert has been announced, April 27th.

Madame Lillian Blauvelt will be one of the soloists at the South Atlantic States Annual Music Festival, Spartanburg, S. C., April 29th, 30th, and May 1st. Dr. R. H. Peters, of the Converse College Conservatory, is director of the festival.

The Gounod Society, 250 voices, of New Haven, Conn., gave Mendelssohn’s “St. Paul” March 19th. Mr. Emilio Agramonte is the conductor.

A chorus of 300 pupils from the Oskaloosa, Iowa, High School, gave Gaul’s cantata “Ruth” last month, under the direction of Mr. William Solomon.

Extensive additions have been made to the musical library of Iowa College, which now contains nearly 5000 different numbers.

The choir of Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, Denver, Col., which has over 150 voices, gave Handel’s “Messiah” in February last under the direction of Mr. W. J. Whiteman, choirmaster. This is one of the largest church choirs in the country.

A light opera by a Canadian woman composer, Mrs. Roberta Harvey, was given in Guelph, Ont., last February. It is called “La Terre Bonne.” Part of the scenes are laid in South Africa, during the late war with the Boers.

Mr. Charles E. Watt, of Chicago, gave a lecture on Beethoven, followed by a recital, including sonata, Op. 90, at Springfield, Mo., March 19th.

A new Möller organ was dedicated in the M. E. Church, Carbondale, Pa., March 6th, by J. Alfred Pennington.

The pupils’ concerts of the Michigan Conservatory of Music are attracting large audiences. The director of the conservatory, Alberto Jonas, has surrounded himself with a strong faculty.

Charles Edwin Veon, of Pittsburgh, has in press a series of interesting teaching pieces.

Edward Baxter Perry returned March 3d from a trip of forty dates in the Gulf States, having played eighty-five lecture-recitals since the concert season opened. He will make a trip through the Middle and New England States during this month.


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