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The Etude gets better all the time; in fact it is decidedly the most instructive musical journal pub­lished in this country.—R. V. Young.

With regard to The Etude, I find those who read it become better pupils. It is certainly the best mu­sical journal published.—Fannie Sternbergen.

I am very much pleased with “Choir and Chorus Conducting,” and find it just what I have wanted for a long time.—Mrs. F. H. Seiss.

I consider “Choir and Chorus Conducting” a thor­ough treatise on the subject. I would not be with­out it.—M. J. Woodford.

“Choir and Chorus Conducting” is superior to any­thing I have ever used. I think every up-to-date conductor should have in his possession one of these manuals.—S. C. Williams.

I think you have the best music journal that is on the market.—Foster Shumaker.

I have been a subscriber to The Etude for ten years, and I consider it the best musical journal published, both for teacher and pupil. Neither can afford to be without it if they wish to keep up with the times.—Mrs. J. W. Williams.

I get valuable vocal hints in many numbers of The Etude.—Catherine C. Clerk.

Introductory Lessons in Voice-Culture, by F, W. Root, received. I indorse it fully, and am greatly pleased with it. I shall use it in my voice-work.—George E. Kersey.

First Steps in Pianoforte-Study is the most inter­esting and progressive book for beginners I have ever seen.—Lizzie E. Richardson.

I find Mathews’s “Standard Graded Course of Studies” most excellent. My young pupils who have commenced with this method are able to make very rapid progress.—L. J. O. Fontaine.

The Etude has been to me a most valuable help, and I know of no musical magazine so useful to all classes and ages.—L. L. Howe.

Your terms, promptness, and treatment through a series of fifteen years have been the most satisfactory of any firm with whom I have dealt. Then, too, your publications are superior.—J. C. Ewing.

First Steps in Pianoforte-Study has reached me, and I find it very helpful in making the little ones understand what good music means.—E. E. Bullock.

I wish to express my appreciation of your prompt­ness and efforts to fill my orders. It is a comfort.— Mrs. D. S. Tullar.

I have received “Counterpoint,” by Dr. H. A. Clarke, and find it to be the clearest and most comprehensive treatise on the subject that I have ever seen. It is truly a counterpoint of counterpoint.—Peter R. Melin.

As a subscriber and reader of The Etude, let me say that, as a musical guide for both teacher and student, its instructions are invaluable. During my course of study at the Chicago Musical College many occasions presented themselves where the knowledge obtained from The Etude proved to be of practical use and advantage.—Amanda Closius.


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