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Practical Working Rules of Life.

Some time ago a magazine printed a number of rules for practical every-day life. We append a few for the benefit of our readers.

Every man should have an avocation besides his vocation.

It is better to do a thing than not to do it, all other things being equal. That is, in a lazy world, action is better than rest.

At the end of a year be able to say definitely what advance you have made in some one business in that year.

Do the thing you are afraid to do.

Do the duty that comes next your hand.

It is by the little pleasures which we give to other persons that we do the most to help the world.

We do not break engagements with others as easily as we break promises to ourselves. It is a good plan, therefore, to agree to read or walk or study with other people.

The successful man is he who knows the difference between a large thing and a small one.

Face your perplexities.

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